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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The World is One Man Short Today

A Great Loss
Paul Newman
1925 - 2008

If all the world lived as he did, treated others as well, putting people ahead of himself,
we wouldn't have many problems.

Quel homme. Thank you, Paul, for brightening our lives.


  1. Such a total class act. The world needs more people like him. I'm glad that he spent his last few years with his family.

  2. Very true, Lnynilu. I wish more men were as classy as he was... He was/is a good role model...

  3. Isn't it sad that men like him don't get the *positive attention* in the press that the Mel Gibsons and Ryan Oneals and OJ SImpsons do with their poor judgment and behavior?

  4. Aww, I hadn't heard this. He will be greatly missed! I hope his daughter carries on with his wonderful foods!

  5. His pain and suffering is over.....may he rest in peace. A fine human has said good bye.


  6. Sandra, me, too. :'(

    Ruth, yes, indeed.

  7. My mom was in love with him. I thought he was sexy. He appealed to both generations.

  8. MJ, he had a universal appeal, and part of it was definitely sex appeal. The neat thing is that he didn't really do sexy roles, he just *was*.

  9. a fabulous, fabulous man. Truly an inspiration!


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