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Thursday, September 18, 2008


The dogs are getting on my last nerve this morning.They are very active and noisy, or at least the young four are. It started at a little before 6:00 with an hour of barking, both inside and out, at the young buck who seemed to be rather amused with them. He seems to understand that the little noisy critters can't get to him outside the fence, so he stood part of that time, grazing just 8-10 feet outside the fence.

I don't know why it is getting to me to day. It may be because I'm off on errands today, and one I really don't want to do .... pick up China's cremains. I hope that bringing her home this last time and putting her with her doggy momma in the little memorial box will put to rest a lot of the emotional stuff.

The other thing that is heavily on my mind is Ali. I haven't said much because in the past he has seemed to be near the end, then rebounded. I've hoped he would do it again, but I'm getting really heavy-hearted about it at this point. He is sliding downhill at an alarming pace. I will give more details later, but if I go into it now, I will probably be disabled for the day. For now I'll just say I am afraid his life is numbered in days, not weeks. Facing the loss of the last of my original pack so closely after losing China is a hard thing to handle, and it is heavy on my shoulders.

Oh, and I have to pay some bills today. Now, I ask you, could a day be much more depressing.

My other errand today is to go by the Democratic Headquarters and pick up yard signs. I also tried to sign up online to volunteer, but the confirmation didn't come through, so I'll do that in person today. I live, as you know, remotely, two miles off paving and on a dead end road, so there is little traffic here. But a neighbor has put up a McC/P sign, and it cannot go unanswered!

I'm going to get things in order and get the errands out of the way. I'll be back later to fill you in about Ali, and then I hope I'll be able to post a happier post before the day is over. Sigh. Some days are just better than others. Today is "the other."


  1. I just wanted to let you know that your blog name makes me sing "The Neverending Story..."

  2. Oh honey I am so sorry to hear about Ali :(
    I have wished a million and one times that our pets lifespans be closer to ours. You are in my thoughts, sweet friend.

  3. I'm sorry about your day. Miserable start, and the middle doesn't sound too good. I know and understand the emotions your going through with Ali, it's so hard. I lost three pets last year, I do get it. I keep in mind I've given them love every single day of their life and they couldn't have been happier anywhere else...and that my life was blessed with them. Big hug to you.

  4. Well, Lindsey, sing it out loud so we can all hear it!! C'mon, girl, belt it!! :)

    Queenie, oh, me too. This part of petship isn't fun at all. Thanks for your caring.

    Kathi, I guess you really do get it, don't you? I'm sorry, I didn't realize you lost three pets. You must not be an online-whiner like I am. It's so hard to see good things coming to an end. Thanks for the hug.


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