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Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Neighbor

Now, wait. A good neighbor would do whatever it takes to keep your house safe while you're away, right?

Some neighbor

A resident of a cabin on the 100 block of Upper Terrace who left her key with a neighbor while she was out of town returned, Sept. 2, to find her front door unlocked and several items missing.

When she went next door to ask what might have happened, she immediately recognized her television and game console in the neighbor's living room.

The neighbor, Shawna Sanchez, 38, told police she had put those items in her home "for safe keeping and she and her 16-year-old son were returning the items when police arrived.

A surround sound system was also reported missing, and Sanchez responded it was at her daughter's house. Further investigation revealed the system had been sold to a different party by Sanchez's son.

Sanchez and her son were both arrested for burglary and taken to the Ruidoso Police Department for booking.

So.... what's the beef????


  1. With neighbors like this, I am glad I have Fucktard for my neighbor. He is a nosey son-of-a-gun but at least he doesn't rob me blind.

  2. Wow, Daisy, it's amazing what it takes to make us appreciate our "good" neighbors!! LOL!!

    Can you believe those people thought they could get away with such blatant theft? Geez!

  3. Wait - I think these people lived on Warley Street! (where we lived before our present location, aka "crackville")!!!

    People..... geez.....

  4. Patti, no kidding! And these people might have lived in "crackville," since they are thinking (NOT!!) like that!

  5. That's it. I'm getting my keys back from my neighbors!

    (Not really. I've got great neighbors AND I've got their keys, too!)

  6. Jen, isn't that something? People!!


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