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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I checked my email this morning. I always start with scanning the Spam Folder and clearing it. As I did so, I saw these two emails

From: Subject:
Beauty Samples: New satin finish lustrous lotion for face
Body Transformation Triple strength fat-eraser

All well and good, but as I scanned, I blurred them together and read it as "Body Samples." Then I said "EUUUUUUWWWW!!!"

Why you should never scan any important documents.

Jus' sayin'.

Oh, that's true of how to make decision about how to vote, also, DON'T SCAN!!!

OK, I'm off to Roswell, check in later! Bon jour, mes amis!!


  1. LOL your funny. I will keep that in mind

  2. Redfrog, good thing for you!

    Annie, I did!!!

  3. Love to read the tag line of some of the junk in my email--if only it were true

  4. MJ, isn't that the truth??? LOL! I sometimes think about stringing some of them together into a weird, sick story!

  5. Ha haaaa good advice! Where can I find something that will scan the fat from my body. Good lord SOMEBODY would make MILLIONS don'tcha know!

  6. Queenie, I'd like to find that kind of scanner, myself! Although, I will make this offer to you .... come out and stay with me a couple weeks; we'll make an attack on the thistles, and I promise you'll lose some weight! I didn't lose much, about 6-8 lbs, but I firmed up and trimmed down like you wouldn't believe!


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