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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shopping Urges Satiated For A While

Today was a good day. I spent wayyy too much money, but everything was worth it.

First was PetCo. I got things for the birds, things for the dogs, and things for me (if you count carpet shampoo in the category of "for me."). The most fun part was toys. Linda and I clawed through several shopping baskets full of dog toys on clearance. I brought home about 20 new toys! Most of them were $1, $2, or $3. I couldn't believe it! I did buy two that were not on clearance and were $7.99 and $8.99. They were special ones that had rawhide inside where they can't be chewed up, and I thought the dogs might go for them and not chew up more valuable objects in the house .... like my shoes!! And look what I got for Sam, the Shoe-Chew Man .......

...... and he loves it!

Here are some of the others. I can't find them all right now, go figure!

This is so cute! There is a hard rubber ball in one end with an elastic strap of some sort in the middle with a little piggy head on the other. Oops! Is it politically correct to say "piggy" these days? Anyway, if two of them are pulling it, they have extra give and take.

This is a ball of rubber rings, It squishes, bounces, but is strong enough to stave off even Sam, I think.

I love this one. It is one that has the rawhide inside to tempt them. Earlier tonight Jazi, Joey and Sam each had a leg pulling. It seems to be really strong!

And I bought some giant size rawhide chew bones. I put a couple of them down, and I cracked up for the next hour or so. Joey would pick one up and walk around with it in his mouth. It was hilarious to watch, because it is about 2/3 as long as his body, and he can barely get his mouth around it, but he was, by golly, gonna take it everywhere he went! He could hardly walk, but he didn't seem to notice that little detail!

Max became so intense about the toys several times that he started arguments with the others, so he had three time-outs tonight. By the last one, he was getting the hang of the routine. He quieted down within a couple minutes! I like time out!

We had lunch after we finished at PetCo. Good lunch. We split a smothered burrito, and it was just the right amount with pinto beans and rice on the side. Then off to .... Target!!!

I can't tell you how badly we drool over Target! Not having one in our area is agony! I was actually well self-controlled. I bought some sports bras and a pair of flannel PJ bottoms, all on clearance! I love 50% off! Oh, I also bought some chocolate dipped bing cherries for us to munch on in the car .... then we forgot about them, so I'm enjoying them tonight!

Next stop was Hobby Lobby where I bought some picture frames (50% off!) and a few jewelery findings, very small bill there.

Finally, we swung into Sam's and I stocked up on a few food items including frozen edamame. That is one of the things I have missed most about leaving the city. I love, love, love edamame, and I haven't had it but once since leaving KC. The markets here don't carry fresh edamame (I guess it really isn't what cowboys eat!). Recently I was at a party where it was served. I was so excited!! The hostess told me, quietly, that it was frozen from Sam's, and I almost turned a cartwheel. OK, I didn't do that, but I was really happy! Guess what I had for dinner tonight? Yep!! I was surprised that frozen was as good, as crisp as it is. Ahhhh, panza llena, corazón contento! That's "full belly, happy heart" to you gringos!

Ready to come home, we stopped at Dairy Queen for a blizzard. Just to tide us over, you know. Long trip home! LOL! OK, 60 miles isn't a long trip, but when it is the closest opportunity to make a purchase at any of those stores, including DQ, the distance takes on a whole new meaning.

Like I said, I spent too much money today, but it was very well worth it!


  1. Wow you DID make a day of it! Whoo hoo you are making my shopping gene tingle!
    I love the doggy toys - especially that piggy. I get Reilly new ones every once in awhile but he seems attached to the old ones until they have to go! I love the piggy!

    I love Target too and can literally spend hours in there!

    I can't do DQ as most ice cream treats make me sick but i'm glad you got to indulge and enjoy!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day with super bargains too. The KIDS must have been overjoyed. I loved the TIME-OUT comment LOL By the way....what is edamame? I have never heard of that!


  3. MQ, when you have to drive that far to shop (*have* to, not drive there for variety) you do it in grand style!! I got toys because all but a couple were very old, been around since before I left KC in 2005. I just figured it was time for some more exciting ones. The kids agree!! Some of the ratty old ones will begin to disappear soon.

    Target .... one of two stores I miss most living here. The other is a wonderful chain of supermarkets called Hypermart. arghhh.

    Awww. You're lactose intolerant?? Shoot!! My sis is that way, too. She can "indulge" about 3 bites.

    Ruthie, the kids were beside themselves! Max has been on very good behavior since the TO!

    Edamame is simply soybeans in the pod. Japanese boil them just slightly, almost like we would blanch something, then put them in a bowl, sprinkle with sea salt and eat, hot or let them cool. One end of the pod goes in the mouth, and a squeeze on the other end pops the beans into your mouth, and with the salt .... yummmm!

  4. Glad that you enjoyed the shopping day so much, Lynilu ! You got a lot done, including some good food :)

    The dogs sound just as pleased with your purchases as you were :)
    Cool shoe toy for Sam !

  5. Annie, yes, it was a good day, and it was made perfect by the dogs delight with their gifts! I surely hope Sam focuses on *his* shoe and leaves *mine* alone!

  6. Gee, I thought Sophie was spoiled and then I read this post. 20 new toys?????? I am sure the pups thought it was x-mas morning. LOVE the scandal toy.

    Glad you had a good drive and fun shopping. Sometimes we just need a little shopping to make us feel better. Susan has helped me see that it's OK to buy somethign for myself every once in a while.

    DQ is a requirement for any trip over 20 miles. Didn't you read that in your AAA handbook?

  7. Caroline, I know, I'm a bad, spoiling momma. And I think you meant the sandal toy, not the scandal toy, but it is a scandalous sandal! It is too cute!

    OMG< I missed that in the AAA book! I need to be more vigilant!!

  8. When I wrote out that word I thought it didn't look right, but I couldn't figure out why. :)

  9. Caroline, I have to laugh because when I read it, I had the same thing ... "some thing's wrong about that, but what? Did I write about something scandalous?" I think I read it three times before it registered!

  10. Ah, the sight of colorful dog toys warms my heart. Much the way normal women react to baby toys, I expect. Hee!

  11. Sandra, me, too. there must be something wrong with both of us!! LOL!


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