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Monday, September 29, 2008

I Need Help!

OK, right out of the chute, let me say that you may call me out-of-date, behind the times, un-hip, feeb, .... whatever. But now I have a question for you young'uns out there. I've been noticing something,and I need to understand. So help me understand what is going on.

I've complained for a while about this. And I hate that I'm going to sound like my mother (well, not my mother, 'cause I never heard her say something like this, but... somebody's mother!!!) when I say this, but here goes ....

I've whined that I can't understand the words being sung by most of the singers today. I'm not talking about rap. I don't care to hear what rap says. And BTW, here is a funny video poking fun at rap, sorta white man's rap, I guess. (And if you go there, don't have the kids around! There isn't anything awful, but you will not want to explain this to them!! LOL!)

Gee, I am digressing all over the place. Could it be due to the medication I took for fibromyalgia this morning?

Anyway, I listen to today's music, and it isn't extreme. Caroline often puts music videos up on her blog, and it's nice music, but if I understand 1/3 of the words in a song, I feel good about it. That is my experience with most of the music I hear these days. The words sound as if the singer has mush in their mouths. I listen, and listen again, then sometimes try one more itme, and finally I just give up.

Now .... I've been noticing on TV recently that the singers I can't understand have their mouths smashed up against the mic. Singers who don't have the smash-mouth thing going on are different; I can understand all/most of their words. I have some hearing loss, and I thought perhaps it has to do with lip-reading without realizing it, so I closed my eyes during a few of these performances, and I still understand most of those who are not swallowing the mic and still don't understand the ones who are having or*al se*x with it.

So what's with that style? Is it just me? Does anyone else have that problem? Does anyone understand why singers do that with the mic? I'm serious, this is bugging me!

OK, whew! I feel better. I still don't know what the deal is, but I feel that a weight has been lifted! Any feedback you can give me is appreciated. No snide remarks about old age!! ;D

Don't you wonder about me sometimes? LOL!!


  1. I am in the same boat so don't feel bad hon! Plus most of the lyrics I can understand make no sense at all!
    To me, a song should tell a story, a poem set to music, if you will!

  2. MQ, I hear THAT!! I just don't get it. but "the kids" seem to understand. gah.

  3. I will be honest...sometimes I don't understand what they are saying until I google the lyrics. I guess when I put songs on my blog I should also add the lyrics.

  4. Lynilu,
    No need to feel alone. I can't understand them either, which makes me dislike the music to an extent that I don't even listen to it.
    In the 'old days' people knew how to enunciate. Barbra Streisand, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerlad, Louis Armstrong, Andy Williams... Need I go on ?

  5. I feel the same way also. But I love nickelback I need to send them a message to let them know they need to clear up their words.

  6. Caroline, LOL! I didn't know that!! That's too funny! OK, now that I know that, yes, you should post the lyrics!

    Annie, I don't listen to it either, unless it is something someone wants me to hear.

    Yes, they used to enunciate. They can't enunciate with the mic half-way down your throat!! I've watched those who hold the mic near but not on the mouth or those who use the headsets, and they are at least reasonably understandable.

    Oh, for the days of those "old days" singers!!

    Kathi, ;D Well, I think they're supposed to be!

    Redfrog>, it seems to be pretty wide spread. Which makes me wonder ... why do they continue to sing like that?????????

  7. I just stick to can always hear those words.

    I think the smashed-mouth lyrics are a cover up for fogetting the words.

  8. i am afraid i am getting hearing loss. i hear there is a type of hearing loss where one is unable to distinguish the sounds well, all you hear are tones not detail.

    so it could be your ears.

    but i doubt it.

    i think songs have gotten lost in the music business. now it is more about the presentation and the beat than it is about actually singing a song.

  9. (M)ary, I hear most things without a lot of problem, so I suspect it isn't that. I usually have problems with things such as in large crowds where the background noise is high. I guess that might apply to this, but I don't think so.

    I agree that music just isn't music. The beat takes over everything else is so many cases. There are still some nice tunes out there, but then I can't hear/understand the words. :(

  10. You need a teenager. I've got two you can choose from.

  11. Jen, hey, of your two kids, my choice could not be a bad one!! Thanks, I'll let you know!


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