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Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm SUCH a Genius!

I really am!! I invented .... are you ready for this? .... the doorless screen door. TA-DAHHHHHH!!!!

I can't put a screen door on the back without reconstructing the door jamb and suddenly, a couple days ago it occurred to me how I could do it. I should actually credit Jazmyn for helping me with the idea, but since she is a dog and only did her part in this by accident, nope! Besides, she won't know the difference, so I'm the genius!!

You might remember that a couple weeks ago she pushed part of the screen on the storm door out, and began going in and out to the deck through the loose screen. Then the boys caught on, and it has actually been nice that they can come and go. They love being able to go in and out. The screen hangs in place and keep insects out, so I've left it for their convenience.

So I was thinking about how nice it would be to allow them to go out back where they relieve themselves. I would like to have one there for my own convenience, too. I'd love to have the door open for circulation in the house. So, I looked at the door frame and considered making the changes so I could put in a screen door. It seemed like more work that I really wanted to undertake at this time, because there are so many other, more pressing tasks that need to be done.

A couple days ago, I had an epiphany. A doorless screen door!! Really! All the materials (actually just two) were readily available at the mercantile. Today I "built" my "door" in just about 45 minutes! Really! It is up and works wonderfully! REALLY!!!

I put industrial strength Velcro around the inside of the door frame (you can see the black Velcro in the following pic). Then I affixed the other part of the Velcro to fiberglass screen material, leaving the bottom 12 inches open or not attached for the Kids to go in and out. And .... I was DONE!!! REALLY!!!

How fancy-schmantzy is that???

The kids figured it out immediately after using the other screen in the same way. There goes Joey!

And Max!

And here comes Sammy!!

Sam's in!

Max thinking it over .... In? Out?

In? Out? In? Out? (Here comes Jazi behind Max)

OK, If Jazi is going in, so am I!!

It has been up for a couple hours, and they are having a ball, in and out the front and back without impairment! We are all going to hate winter when the door has to be shut. But for the next few weeks, we have a happy, happy household!!!

Dayamn, I'm good!!! LOL!!


  1. We have a similar set-up with our patio screen door with Doogie, since he is always in and out, ine and out. Only problem is the bugs that occasionally want to use the door too, particularly at night.

  2. you are all things brillian , my firend!!

  3. Dave, so far I haven't noticed any wayward bugs. It won't be open much at night because it is cooling seriously at night now. But the daytime is amazing and delightful, as all five dogs have informed me!

    Cameo, I think one's brilliance is often measured by her need!! LOL!!

  4. Lyn--nice work. I have a family I work with that has a similar set up but they have used magnets at the bottom that keep it secured to the bottom of the door frame, but still lets the critters push out.

    You are such a thinker!

  5. BRILLIANT! You could patent that and sell it for a nice chunk of change. I'm not joking.

  6. Beans, I wondered if I might need something to hold the bottom, but so far it is OK. I'll see what happens over time. Magnets would be a good idea!

    Melissa, I've actually seen some similar things, but using those "pop up" things so you can fold them and store them. The problem was that those were waaaaay to big. Maybe I'll do some research and see what is out there besides that one.

  7. That is so funny! Reilly is so silly and timid I doubt if he'd go out one. Might surprise me though!

  8. I always knew you were a genius!!

    I LOVE the picture of Sammy coming in the door. So cute.

  9. I still don't get it. You velcroed a screen to the door frame? How do you get out? I'm trying not to giggle as I picture you coming in and going out with the pups. :)

  10. Patti, Reilly actually might use this one because it is so easy. Since it is only soft fiberglass screen fabric, it might not scare him, at least after the first time or two through it.

    Caroline, giggle, I managed to convince you, huh??? I know, that is a really cute picture of him, isn't it?

    Kathi, honey .... it's velcro!! The two pieces come apart just like on shoes or any other velcro closure!! I just pull it apart on one side and walk out.

    (Shhh. Don't tell her that I actually get down on all fours and go out under the flap with the dogs!)


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