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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Moving on.....

Welllllllllll. Wasn't that fun? OK, everyone, here is my bottom line challenge to you .......

Campaign for what you believe, and get out and vote in November. Whether you agree with me or not, our system depends on our involvement.

It is going to be a wicked, noisy, ugly, finger-pointing period of time from now till November. Stay tuned! Don't miss the fun. But most of all .....




Don't take anything for granted.

Know what you believe,
and know for what/whom you are voting.

And most of all

And my next one will be a nice, neutral, mind-numbingly average post, I promise! Probably about dogs! :)


  1. INFORMED is the key word there lyn! and unfortunately, a lot of people aren't going to be informed.
    we're all guilty of bias, but it still breaks my heart my vote - based on the information and facts i have gathered- holds the same weight as someone who votes for mccain because they don't want a black in the white house - or they do want a woman in there.
    i'm begining to think this whole process really is a joke.
    but i will continue to vote - so i have the right to bitch.

  2. As you can tell from my heated comments in the prior post, I BELIEVE in talking about it. I adore hearing about the pooches and your life in general. Since you are my friend and it is election season, it makes sense that this is a topic we discuss too.

  3. Cameo, voting without being informed is an exercise in the ridiculous. Sometimes I wonder, as you say, whether it really does matter, but I won't give up.

    Our biases are normal. The difference is that the informed voter will know enough facts to vote for the candidate or platform which most fits his/her way of life; the uninformed voter votes on the emotional impetus and deepens the bias.

    Yeah, I wanna bitch, too, but I wanna bitch and still sound intelligent!

    Julie, we have to talk about it in order to know who we are and how to vote for our secure future. I know, however, that if I talk about it too much, I become so intense that I lose some of my joi de vivre. I temper it enough to sustain that quality of life. :)

    Never fear! My fervor dictates that I can't avoid returning to these topics in the future!! "I shall return!!"

  4. I vote and encourage others to do so... AND I just got my pin for the "One Million Women Voters" campaign :)


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