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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What Do You Think?

OK, I'm going to run it up the flagpole at Lynilu's Bloggerville home and see how the wind is blowing in the 'hood. I'm using "*" in here because I don't want to attract every nut who googles certain things. I just want YOU nuts!!!

Putting out poli*tical paths aside .... I know, that is hard, but stuff your po*litical fervor in a safe and spin the dial .... what do you think of Sar*ah P*alin's decision to accept the candidacy for VP?

I'm rather aghast at all this. I'm older than most of you, but I think I'm a pretty hip chick modern thinker. I have what I think is a good balance of traditional and current values. Here's my two cents.

P*alin is called "ultra-conse*rvative." OK, whatever. I find it anything but cons*ervative to put your children in the spotlight as she has done. First, her baby .... she gave a birth to a Downs Syndrome baby boy. Good for her. I do not think that is a reason to abort a pregnancy, so I applaud her for facing a challenging motherhood. However, she returned to work just a short time after the birth. I don't know who was given charge of the baby's care, but it was apparently not the father, as I understand he continued with his job also. Hardly a great example of a loving bonding experience with a baby that needs a huge amount of first-hand TLC.

Then there is the oldest daughter and her pregnancy. Please understand I'm not critical of this girl, and I don't mean to make her as an example. I'm looking at Sarah P*alin's decision to throw her hat into the ring at this time. That child needs her mother's attention right now, and the LAST thing she needed is the spotlight on her. I admire the decision to keep and raise her baby; I'm not so gung-ho about the one to marry the also adolescent father of the baby. Perhaps it will work out, but the odds are not good. Not good under normal circumstances, but with everyone in the US and millions more all over the world putting the situation under a microscope, it is a sadly unhealthy circumstance. I wonder .... if these kids were planning to marry, why are they this far along in the pregnancy without wedlock? My guess is that it became mandatory when Mama P*alin threw the hat. And that puts another marker against those two kids and their possibility of having a successful marriage. I wonder just how much pressure was asserted on the boy-father.

On this next point, I'm touching on the polit*ical part of this, but please try to keep focused on the private part of my point. I've heard over and over on the media .... if P*alin were a man, people would not be asking about the ability to serve in this high office AND be a parent. Yeah, OK, but that is a ridiculous comparison. I don't know statistics on this, but my guess is that the majority of wives of male politicians are at home raising the children. I doubt that many men married to politicians opt to fore go a career to raise the children while the wives are stumping and then off to DC. I wonder who will be raising the P*alin children. My guess is a nanny. OK, that's not the worst thing in the world, and some of the wives of politicians use nannies, as well. But those children aren't in the public spotlight of a relentless media while their "family values" mommy is preoccupied as second in command of a powerful nation. Note: OK, I just heard that she has stated that her husband plans to take a leave of absence from his job to care for the children. I'll commend them for this decision. Great choice.

OK .... Now I'm talking politics. This just seems to smack against the whole "family values" thing of the Republican Party. It seems open the door for another re-classification of terminology so that it fits the situation, rather than upholding the value itself. IMO, P*alin is self-serving, putting polit*ical career ahead of her family. Mc*Cai*n (and the pol*itical Right) have allowed, no, promoted this family to be put at risk in an attempt to balance the team. The whole bunch has made a mockery of the conserv*ative foundation of family values. I think it is sad.

I see this as two-faceted, the family and the politics. I also consider myself to be "moderate" in both politics and life. But this is pushing me farther to the left, for sure. Po*litically, you all know that I lean libe*ral, but I try to be open to it all. I've never voted a straight ticket. And I was once registered as a Republican! Yes, I really was!!

Many of my values are middle of the road. I'm pro-choice and could never be anti-choice, although abortion would never have been an option for me. I'm highly in favor of stay-at-home moms for children, but I wouldn't ever criticize a mom who works; she may have to, as I did.

If you disagree with me, I welcome your opinions. But in your comments, remember to separate, as well as possible, the politic*al from the family. I really want to hear what others out there are thinking about this whole scenario.

Here is a good article from a Candian source.


  1. I'm just afraid of a politician who wants to dictate what birth control and morals they deem acceptable and lawful for the masses, while they can't even teach or uphold those standards in their own homes.

    I'm still appalled that McCain picked Palin when she wanted Alaska to secede from the United States entirely.

  2. I don't know enough about Sarah Palin to really answer this. Give me some time. I do wonder if McCain knew about the TD pregnancy when he asked her.

  3. you, my friend, are a totally "hip chick."
    and a thinking one at that!
    so many people (women) are only looking at the surface. and i'm distraught to say, by doing so, they are fulfilling the m*ca*in opinion of women.
    and for women to applaud her ONLY because she's a woman slaps the women who came (fought) before us directly in the face.
    she's obviously as reckless as the man who "chose" her.
    not saying life doesn't happen to the best of us. but how we choose to handle it shows whether we are considerate (not feelings wise) or not. she is reckless. or incredibly selfish. is there really a difference?

    i realized with the 200*4 el*ct*ion, there were a LOT of ignorant people out there. i was hoping things would have changed a bit. but i'm noticing that just might not be.
    that makes me a little sad.

  4. I think I will have to add to Mc*Cain's nicknames of McBush and McSame to include McCrazy!! Does he think he will gain women's votes by simply choosing any woman? Nuts to that! Let's face it, Mc*Crazy's no spring chicken and if he's not around for all 4 years I certainly wouldn't want Sarah "who?" running this country! Give us a break! I say "Vote Obama".

  5. Sandra, you're afraid of "a politician" who wants to dictate..... OK, I'll bite, which ONE?? Sorry, I couldn't resist that. I understand exactly what you mean. Frankly, mistakes can happen in any family, and I certainly don't want to put the children in a spotlight, but I agree that it is hypocritical that the rules seem to change as becomes convenient or necessary for the political arena.

    Yeah, there is the secession matter, and the fact that people say she is governing "the biggest state"(it is the largest land mass, but the smallest population [670,000] except DC [582.000]!!), and the fact that she seems to contradict several of the core issues of the Rep party, and .... well, you know.

    MQ, start reading up on her, honey, 'cause I think she's gonna be a handful!! We need to be prepared and k.n.o.w the candidates.

    Cameo, thanks for that.

    Too many people vote because the candidate if from XXX party.

    Too many people vote for a person because a candidate is male/female, black/white, of a certain religious group, he/she is good looking, is from XXX state, etc. I believe very few read about the platforms, look at voting records, or do anything to learn beyond what the media reports (biased), what some person near them (parent, spouse, pastor, teacher, friend - informed or not) says, what the political ads say (biased), or what I write in my blog (biased). Right now, there isn't a lot out there about this woman, but trust me, there will be in a few days, and people better be on their toes in finding out what she is REALLY about.

    People being ignorant about politicians makes me enormously sad. We are giving our right to be a free, democratic, self-governed nation right into the hands of t.h.e.m. I am stunned to depression over this.


    Deb, I agree with you completely. And, uh, why don't you say what you think???? :D

    Welcome, BTW, and I hope you come back!

  6. Hmmm… I find it interesting that the majority of naysayers seem to be women. Are we projecting our own limitations? Or afraid of higher expectations of us if she succeeds? Why can’t we think outside the box?
    We seem to be very willing to judge a teen pregnancy when almost half of teens have sex before the age of 18. Why is she being measured so very differently? Hollywood and the media promote sex and childbirth out of wedlock, are they wrong ? Look at all the actors, they are commonly married after the birth, if at all. Why do they get a free pass? (if we go their movies we are voting for them with dollars.)
    Family dynamics are so variable. You have to ask yourself “What if your mother’s last child had been downs, would the siblings have been nurturing, would your father or husband have been?” My father, not so much; my husband, very much so. What so many downs people need is an advocate in the education system, the health system, and society in general.
    This situation may be a much needed spotlight on being different. For all of us.
    I am a card carrying democrat that is very disappointed in the way we are hating on her. She and her family deserve better. -S

  7. S, I'm not surprised that women are highly interested, pro or con. After all, she is the one who will personify all of us in this historic event! And, put bluntly, I don't think she represents me, not at all as I would chose.

    Why do we hold her to a standard different from Hollywood? Because she isn't Hollywood! She represents us, the general population of America. I definitely and LOUDLY do not support the lifestyles exhibited by celebrities. I rarely go to a movie, in part because I don't like the content of many that are out there now. I don't hold her to a different standard than I would another politician, that of living a life that is an example of what is expected of the general population by that person. As I said in an earlier response, mistakes happen in any family. I don't fault that. I fault what seems to be contradiction.

    Family dynamics are, indeed, variable. If it is necessary for both parents to work to cover expenses for a special needs child, then, so be it. Otherwise, IMO, the child should be cared for by a stay at home parent. And of course, there are families who simply do not have the components (family members) who are equipped to care for such needs, as you state. I guess my point here is that I question why she returned to work so quickly. Secondly, her husband did not make the decision to quit his job *until the run for VP was in the picture.* That indicates a change for the public image, IMO. I don't like that. Why did they not make such sacrifice before now *for the sake of the child?*

    You say "she and her family deserve better." The children certainly do. I'm not so certain that she puts her family first. What are her "family values"? That is what I want to see, and so for I'm not impressed with her decisions.

    I'm not convinced that this particular woman is who I want to represent me .... as a woman, as the VP of my country.

    I'm sorry we are crosswise on this one. I appreciate your undisputed love for Downs children, but remember your own point ... all parents of those children are not equally prepared to actually *parent* them. I think they deserve full time, committed, loving caregivers. I certainly don't wish bad things for this family. But what is SHE thinking, putting her family in the limelight at this time? Poor judgment, at least.

  8. separate the pol*t*cal from the fam*ly? hasn't the republ*can party run on the idea that these are NOT separate?

    did you know that C*ndy McCa*n was a drug addict who stole from her own charity to get drugs? at that time she was also raising her young children.

    now. i don't mean to criticize either of these women, but the issue is how utterly vitrolic the Republican party has been against people like Marian Wright Edelman, H*llary Clinton, and other women who are NOT Republicans. yet, they throw up excuses for Pal*n and Cindy McCa*n

    i just find the Republican party unbelievably hypocritical and corrupt. now, i don't believe every person or politician in the party is bad, but in general the party line is disgustingly two-faced.

    in the end, i like to stand by all women because i think that at this point women need to stand together in order to get into more positions of power. i am not voting for the republicans just because they threw up a female candidate but i respect that Pal*n is a politician just like any male politician.

  9. let me think on this and get back to you. so many thoughts swarming!

    I did think that McCain has shot himself in the foot, and is stupid to think he can win the 18 million hillary votes just by putting in a woman. My dad, who has been staunch mccain supporter said immediately he will not vote for him now.

    i think either way we are making progress. a black man, a woman, it has all got to be good.

    I keep thinking about a showdown in 2012 between Palin and Hillary!!

    I guess I had more to say than i thought.

    also, i think it is a shame that she spent so little time with her son before going back to work. great for having the kid, but if you can't bond with it cause you are being super governor, then does it really validate it? this is not about whether women should be able to work, this is about the attachment that one needs to form with a child--has she wanted to form less of an attachment since the child has DS? maybe she feels that she *had* to have this child, but isn't really invested in it. i don't know. who does that--goes back to work after 3 days?

    I do think it is pretty crappy that people are saying that she clearly isn't a good advocate for abstinence since her daughter got pregnant. sheesh, she could have talked till she was blue in the face about abstinence, but the girl has hormones all of her own. I do feel bad that she is getting slammed on that--though i don't agree with not teaching about safe sex . .

    should be very very very interesting. Got to go so I can hear her talk.

    Lyn--you are such the hippy chick!! i can't wait to meet you in person one day! how far are you from san diego?

  10. I have thought about this also. Having a almost teen daughter scares me also its so easy for children or teens to have sex these days and it scares me that she and McCain believe that abstance is the only answer our teens lives are to precious to have that mindset. Not that I am telling my kids to go out and have sex I am telling them if they want to have sex come to me or their dad and we will help keep them safe. But we would rather wait till they were married or in a more stable relationship. Also she has 3 ethics investigations going I am wondering what was going through McCains mind.It will be interesting to watch. Sarah the princess in this house wants to be the first woman president. Btw I am all for a woman president we are great multi taskers.

  11. M(ary), I believe that politics should be separate from ALL other factions of life. We should be choosing a candidate only from his/her political history & platform. The family, the religion, etc. are separate issues. But that won't happen, and as you say, that party has been hard-nosed about it, so now they need to belly up to the bar!

    I didn't know that about CM. And you're right that all women should be judged on the same standards. All politicians should, as well. But you and I both know that what's good for me may not be good for you.

    I'd like to stand by all women as you say. However, when the bottom line comes down, making a politician "equal", it makes a woman less than the kind of woman I like. If women could stand strong and refuse to buy into the political way of tweaking things to fit, rather than living up to the twisted expectation, my respect for the woman is lowered.

    Beans, you got my point about giving the child what he needed first. Her choice made no sense to me.

    Children have been having sex before marriage since time began. We can't prevent it. We can educate about safe sex, and we can educate about why not to do it, but unless we tie them to our sides, it is gonna happen. I don't criticize her because her daughter got pregnant; I criticize her for (at least the appearance of) a recent decision to marry once it occurred. It just looks contrived to me.

    I'm a long way from SD!!! Well, closer than I am to you now, but .....

  12. I am not a political person at all but I was shocked that he would pick her. I'm watching her speak now and she is full of piss and vinegar. She is a good speaker but I clearly don't think she has the experience. I think he chose her for the "wow"am factor.

  13. I don't want any politician telling me what I can do and cannot do with my body. I don't care if it's a man or a woman. The answer is no, No and HELL NO.

  14. MJ, I don't think there is any doubt that he picked her because of her gender and to stir up what he can't, and yes, the "governing" experience being touted is not enough.

    Traci, me, too, but I wish you'd be clear and loud about your wishes in this, girl!!! I mean, you should speak your mind, OK? :D

  15. I think it's an insult that McCain would think we (women) would vote for him simply because his running mate has a vagina.

    As I watched her speak it was very clear that she has very little experience. She seemed to get frazzled when the audiance would cheer or boo. I would not feel safe if our country was in a crisis. She has a hard enough time with her family, I don't trust her with our entire country.

    Just my opinion....

  16. The hypocrisy is astounding to me but it shouldn't be a surprise. People who call themselves pro-life voted for a war that has killed in the thousands. I watched her speak last night (with a very large glass of wine in my hand to be able to tolerate it all) and she actually spent her time NOT talking about McCain, she spent it talking about Obama's lack of experience. Seriously...uh...pot v. kettle?
    Basically everything she stands for are the reasons I am a democrat. I didn't think they could offend me as much as they did when Bush was elected, but they managed.

  17. I would very much also like to address the point of bringing family into it. I personally don't give a rats ass if someone chooses to have a baby when things aren't "perfect" - this is a CHOICE and one that I would fight for all women to make.
    I also don't care that much if someone's 17 year old gets pregnant and chooses to keep the child. But yeah...those federal funds on abstinence are those working for you?
    The feeling that I have is the same one I had when John Kerry brought up Mary Cheney at the debate and the Rebubs got all horrified and called him "mean". We don't care if your daughter's gay, we just wonder how you sleep at night after trying to make all kinds of laws that hurt your own children.
    Ok, I'm done-:)

  18. Caroline, I agree with your statement, but truth of the matter is that there are women who will!! There are so many who won't read/research (notice I don't say "listen" because that they will do bcs it takes no effort and feeds directly into the emotional center) because they are lazy, and they will vote their emotions, not the issues. *That* is the saddest point of this whole situation. McCain's campaign was very smart when they made this move. I simply hope that people look beyond the "balanced" ticket and consider the issues, how they will impact on our lives. If they do, I think many will see through the ruse and vote the O&B side.

    And BTW, your opinion is just as important as anyone's. Your vote is as strong as each other vote. :)

    Julie, I'm with you on the pro-life/war thing. (BTW, shouldn't it be "pro-choice" and "anti-choice"? We either have a choice or we don't! And pro-choice isn't pro-abortion, it simply assures us that we have information about choices AND future prevention!!)

    The rest of your points are well taken, also. One of the things that struck me was (and has been by her running mate already) sarcasm, snide remarks and innuendo about the opponent vs. presenting one's own strengths. Judging from the "jokes" and "cartoons" I get from Reps, this is the M.O. of the party. I guess the idea is, if you focus enough on the other's faults, people don't pick you apart on your own. And I guess there is a bit of validity to that .... as you pointed out, Bush was elected, and he used similar tactics. What a sad commentary about the system. What a sad commentary about voters.

  19. On my bus ride home from work tonight, I overheard (totally eavesdropped) on a conversation between two women sitting behind me.

    "I know he's just using her to get votes."

    "Yeah, and he'll shove her in a closet and make her shut up if he gets elected."

    "I agree, but still...the first woman to be Vice President..."

    "You know who she looks like?"

    "Tina Fey!!! Right?"

    "Yeah...I hope they win in November because then Saturday Night Live will be able to do so many skits."

    I wanted to hit them over their heads with a shovel. These were not young, silly girls. They were business women.

    And that, my friends, is exactly what he was going for.

    I don't hate her. I completely disagree with her on almost every issue...I haven't found one we agree on, anyway. I don't respect her because she doesn't seem honest...and there are facts behind that comment. And she doesn't seem to walk her talk.

    I do hate that she will personify women to people who don't think beyond their own nose. Are they really voting for a pair of boobs? For real?

    Oh good grief...I'm taking all your space here...maybe I could post on my own blog... :-)

  20. I have read all the comments and thought alot about Palin. I too wonder about her family values. . . not only because I disagree with her definition of family, but because I sense her hypocrisy and because the more I read, the more I believe she is not a truly honest person.

    It insults all women to think we would vote for her just because she has the same plumbing as we do.
    Good lord, that idea is so "ol'boy" that it is hardly worth a laugh.

    Thank you for writing this most insightful post and for giving so many of us the opportunity to express our feelings.

  21. Jenn, "Yeah...I hope they win in November because then Saturday Night Live will be able to do so many skits." I'm gasping for breath!!!!!! Good grief! To say that, even in jest just leaves me unable to do much but blink my eyes!!

    That is the kind of idiot that scares me! Thoughtless. Inane.

    No, I don't hate her, either, but I certainly don't like her or her running partner or many of the speakers at that convention who behave verbally carelessly, IMO. I'm really worried. Really.


    Maria, you are so right. I'm so surprised that she allowed herself to be placed in that position. She is a pawn, IMO, but one with a cute upsweep and a skirt. Oh, dear.

  22. What great dialogue you had going here on this post, Lyn! Palin insults all my sensibilities on every level. It's crazy, but politics is keeping me up at night. I don't want to THINK about a country where Obama doesn't win.

  23. Catherine, I'm with you on that.


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