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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weenend Stuff

I was about to post this earlier today, and my internet went out. Big surprise, huh? Makes me crazy. Anyway ... it's back and I'm back with it.

I have some pictures of my latest project, a work in progress, for sure.

I have a corner lot with two entrances, one from each road. Right inside the property, as you come in from the road on either side, the driveway splits into two driveways, one that is about road level where there are some RV hookups. The other driveway has a steeper incline to the level of the house. It is about 10-15 feet higher than the lower one. Remember I'm on the side of a significant hillside.

If anyone parks in the lower drive, it is quite a hike around to the split and up the hill. The previous owner had put in a very rudimentary path and stone steps through the middle to short-cut this, but it was very dangerous, steep, uneven, and at the end almost un-do-able.

So I've been working on a new path. I'm not done yet, but here are the mid-way pictures.

I'm going to be adding more gravel on the walkway. This is the first layer of it, between the newly terraced rock steps.

Caroline has been here and she knows first hand how bad this was before. It still looks rough, but trust me, it is already better and will be way better when I'm finished.

This is the very steep area. It looks bad, but believe it or not, it is actually a very serviceable set of steps. What was here before was huge rocks sort of piled willy-nilly. It was really dangerous; now I can walk up the steps almost normally. I still have to finish the top step, where you can see some concrete blocks right at the top of the photo, and there will need to be some filling and evening of the the stones as they settle in. But with the exception of that top step, these are solid solid steps now and a decent path that almost anyone can navigate! I'm rather proud of myself!

While I was out, I noticed how beautiful the sky was today.

The clouds were just gorgeous.

And I changed my summer flag for a fall one today.

My final two pictures are the cuteness factor of the day. This one is Jazi with one of the rawhide bones. Look at the size of the bone .... and the size of the pup!

And this picture of Joey curled up and snoozing on the couch with one of his favorite new toys ..... How sweet is that?

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. wow. you are full of energy! that looks like an ambitious project.

  2. (M)ary, it IS ambitious. It is insane. I am insane. And as for energy .... I don't know if it's a good thing or not. But I do what I have to do to make my place comfortable for myself and guests. gah.

  3. Great pictures you are one busy lady. But I think that is what keeps us young.

  4. LOL! In the long run, yes! but I have to say that right after one of my "work sessions" I feel really, really old!!!

  5. I bet I dont know why it said anoymous since i reformated my cookies dont remember anything. Good lord that sounds silly.

  6. Beautiful sky/cloud pictures and I LOVE your Fall flag!!! Hope you enjoy today!

  7. Redfrog, I probably shouldn't comment on your comment!! LOL!

    Daisy, thank you!

  8. Oh I love that flag - gorgeous!
    Too bad we don't live near, Stacy would just love to help you with that kind of stuff. He absolutely lives for it!

  9. Queenie, OK, here's a deal. You come visit, I'll feed ya and give ya a bed, and you and Maddie and I can go have fun while Stacy works! LOL! No, I couldn't do that to him.


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