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Friday, September 26, 2008

What Happens at My House....

I just took the dogs out, and while I stood on the steps I noticed Jazmyn was standing very still and staring at the ground. She would occasionally cock her head this way or that. When I realized what she was doing I dashed back into the house and grabbed the camera.

When I returned, she was still standing and watching.

Here is what she fortunately didn't eat while I was getting the camera!

I had trouble getting a shot of her and the caterpillar at the same time, because her head was usually down as she was sniffing it and blocking the view. This is the only shot of both.

Next thing I saw was her eating grass, and I thought, Oh yuck, she ate it! But no, it was still crawling on the other side of the yard.

Don't you wish you lived at my house??? ;-)


  1. That's a big fuzzy wuzzy one, I wonder what it will become? Earlier this year I found a fuzzy one with a brilliant blue stripe, and my neighbor boy kept it in a large container with milkweed, and we anxiously awaited the cocoon opening and revealing a brilliant indigo butterfly, but what came out was just a brown moth. You really can't tell.

  2. Sandra, I wondered, too. It was such a bright yellow that, like you, I fantasized about a bright yellow butterfly, knowing full well that the caterpillar is nothing like the winged entity in most cases.

    What a fun experience that was for you neighbor boy!

  3. Sadie is facinated with squirrels and I'm sure here neck will have a permanant crook from looking up in the trees...they all have their own things, don't they.

  4. Pepper would have eaten it that dog will eat anything. But she is scared to death of the kittens

  5. when i look at the picture i think: fuzzy watching fuzzy!
    well, maybe "curly watching fuzzy".

  6. MJ, yes, they do. I had chihuahuas who loved to squirrel watch. A cat that played with mice. A mutt that scooted on his stomach to follow & watch bugs.

    Redfrog, but kittens have sharp little claws and teeth!! LOL!

    (M)ary, LOL! Maybe she thought it was a puppy???

  7. Lulu is into grasshoppers. Fortunately she hasn' been dining on them.

  8. IE, I would think grasshoppers would be a fun plaything for a dog or cat.Honestly, I don't want to know everything that these guys eat!

  9. Ha haaaaa I didn't post it but last week Reilly was nosing at a beetle and it pinched him on the nose. Poor guy yipped and ran but no blood! He's alot less curious now!

  10. MQ, LOL! All these guys are very curious, each about his/her own thing, and they keep me busy!


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