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Friday, September 26, 2008


What she says!!!


  1. because sometimes it's the truth, and needs to be said.

  2. well ... you can't "always" sugarcoat the truth though!

  3. HA!

    You know, I saw an ad yesterday for Obama, and it was just him sitting in a room talking--not bashing, but why he feels we could use him right now. I liked it. seemed like ti was like 3 minutes long, but it was real, wasn't mean, and i thought, yeah, i could like this guy for 4 years!

  4. Cameo, if it is stated as facts and is true, it isn't bashing. I'm just sick of underhanded badmouthing half-or less-truths.

    MQ, I'm not talking about sugar coating. I'm talking about telling the truth but not defaming another person with ridiculous, twisted crap.

    Beans, that's my point. If a candidate talks about him/herself, isn't it amazing what we learn? Otherwise, comments about the opposition should be factual and in context, not misleading. Obama has done a lot of that self-focused campaigning, and I appreciate it.

  5. I liked watching Obama point out things that weren't true in the debate last night. It seems like people don't know that these bills congress tries to pass are written in a way that if a politician says no, it means he doesn't support a bill at all. For example, saying NO to a war funding bill with no limits is somehow taken as saying no to funding the troops.
    The best thing we can ALL do is educate ourselves.
    Oh, geez, see? Here I go again.-:)

  6. Julie, the sad thing is that those people who DON'T educate themselves have a vote, too. I'm doing calls for the campaign, and you would not believe some of the things people tell me they think! I give them information, refer them to the Obama website which has the entire platform and is easy to read, and even other websites to check out, but I doubt they will. One talked about the "sex ed" thing and "killing babies" but didn't want to bother to check how many babies died during the present admin or hear the facts about the "sex ed" thing.


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