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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baldwin on Letterman

Did you see it??? I thought I'd crack up!

John McBush & Bible Spice!!

This is the whole Baldwin segment and it is long. The comment is right at the end, but the whole interview is good. Enjoy!


  1. It figures a comment like that would come from a Baldwin.

  2. Yep, as baldwin says, I think we pretty much have to accept that we won't know on Nov. 4 who won the election. I'm just glad I voted early- where I live, the lines for early voting are 2 hours long! Can you imagine what it'll be like on election day!

    Everyone says Palin is striking-looking in person. (Had Hilary been in her body, who knows?) Looks do matter, don't they?


  3. Anonymous, which comment? And who are you?

    Betty, that's very true. Till the fat lady sings, so to speak. Yes, I voted early, too, and I will probably take advantage of it every time. I will avoid lines anytime I can!

    Looks do matter, unfortunately. It's been proven in many studies. And it is even more true for women. Good looks are blessing and bane.


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