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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Do These Things Happen?

I know you guys are gonna just love this ......

I went out for my comfort food dinner to a small restaurant in Capitan, met Gail there. It is a place that I've gone dozens of times since moving here, and I've come to know the owners over time. They also have a small B & B where I stayed a couple days when my floors were being tiled and carpeted. It was fun to learn that they had two Shih Tzu, and remarkably, they look a lot like Ali and China (or Mai Lin). Cute little dogs. They didn't meet my China and Ali directly, but the four of them "chatted" through a fence. It was cute to watch them.

The woman came to take our orders and we chatted a while. We were the first customers there for the evening, so there was no pressure on her so she around stayed a while. During our chat I asked her about their plans to go to Panama. They were supposed to go there to set up and then run an off shore casino in about a year, and I had offered to care for the dogs if they needed to go back and forth so they didn't have to keep them in quarantine. Then when they got finished with the set up and could stay put, they could take the STs.

She told me that they had cancelled the deal because they became concerned about some of the conditions of the contract, so they would be staying here. Then she told me that because of some other reasons, she feels she can not give the dogs the attention she should be and she was planning to call me to see if I would like to have them! She said she really cares for them, and feels she just can't do everything she needs to do right now and still give them the necessary care. And she said she can't think of anyone she would rather have them with than me. I was stunned!

So we are going to get together with all the dogs for a "play date." If the dogs get along alright, it looks like I may have (OK, stop laughing!) six (6) dogs!! Quit it! You're gonna hurt yourself guffawing like that!

How do I stumble into these situations? Do I have "Easy Touch Loves Dogs" tattooed on my forehead?


  1. They are so easy to love. Lulu still wants to move in.

  2. Instead of the crazy cat lady (my title) you can join me and be the crazy dog lady. redfrog

  3. IE, you tell Lulu that she is welcome anytime. This can be "Grammy's house" which is where all kids run away to. Besides, I won't even notice another little one around the house!

    Red, I think I already have that title attached!

  4. Heeheehee!!! Oh, Lynilu. This makes me giggle!!!

    Call it God, call it Providence, call it whatever you will. It's your gift, your true calling. And it makes me smile!

  5. I guess the saying..when one door closes, another one opens, must be true. Your house is going to be called.....Doggie Do Drop Inn. Good for you !!!


  6. We are cut from the same cloth.

  7. You not only have a big ole tattoo on your forehead, that tattoo has bright neon lights. But seriously, that is incredible how things work out. And like that lady, I can't think of any one more suitable to take her babies than you.

  8. Ditto what Daisy said. I think that folks know who are dog lovers and will take amazing care of thier 4 legged companions. You can do it.hehehehehe

  9. Jen, I figure whatever happens is my destiny! And it makes me smile, too!

    Ruth, I like that name! I just hope the doors don't open and close TOO many times!

    Kathi, it's a very soft (touch) cloth, isn't it? :D

    Daisy, does that neon tattoo say "sucker"?? Que sera, sera! Thanks.

    MJ, you're probably right about that. And, of course, I will do it, given the chance. :D

  10. One of the things I admire most about you - your exceedingly big heart, always eager to grow even more... to give more love to those who need it.

  11. Melissa, aw, thank you. I swear, I just about can't say no, to a canine without a home.

  12. You do, just like there is an animal mark sort of like the old hobo marks somewhere in my area that says "the tindals will take you in".


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