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Monday, October 06, 2008

Do You See What I See???

Do ya? DO YA????


We can't exactly go skiing, but that's snow!

I got almost an inch of rain yesterday, and the temperature got to just 54° at about 4:00 PM. The mountain top is another 4000-5000 feet higher than me.

A local lady has a theory of her own construction that says if we get snow here before they get it in Minnesota, we have a wet winter. She claims it hasn't been wrong yet, so we are expecting a lot of snow this winter!!


  1. So was this post done simply to tease me????? No smoking and now you have snow and are expecting a lot of snow this winter....Life is not fair sometimes. :)

  2. HEH, heh, heh!! ME??? Tease YOU??? Aw, Caroline, I wouldn't do that! Would I?

    Don't forget that you'll have snow in KC. In 31 years I lived there I never saw a winter without snow. Lots of snow. Long lasting snow. Snow that's been on the ground so long at it is black. But it's snow!!!

    Sooooo. When are ya comin' to visit?


  3. Wow- that is pretty exciting! We're barely into October and you can see snow already.

    I'm pretty pleased with the lower temperatures here, especially at night. But I can't see any snow!


  4. Snow is evil very very evil

  5. Snow is a 4 letter word. However, I hope we get snow this winter. My Grandchildren have never seen snow.

  6. Betty, I know! It is early, but I love seeing it. Sooo nice!!

    Red, OH NO!!! I like snow! OK, I'll keep it here.

    Daisy, I love snow as we have it here. It is usually gone in a day or two, so we don't get tired of it. Oh, that's right, Your little grandchildren are Hawaiian, aren't they? This will be an exciting year for them!

    Jen, oh yes, I am lucky! :)

  7. How exciting. I love snow. I'm bummed that I won't be skiing this year...gonna get married instead.

  8. Hey! We did get down to 34 last night!! :o)

  9. MJ, awwwwwww, poor baby. I can just see your lower lip sticking out (NOT) and quivering (NOT) with disappointment (NOT).

    Hey! A skiing honeymoon!!!!!!!!

    Jus' sayin;!! :D

    Julie, oh, pooh! Just because you live in Atlanta, you think you can escape it? HA! I was held captive by snow in your airport for nearly 12 hours! It was just 1 inch, but with no snow removal equipment (!!!!!) we were stuck!!

    Jen, well, that's a start! If you look at the map, you would swear that YOU should be getting the snow and now me! Well, except for the mountain thing. Yeah, forget what I said, OK?

  10. I meant to tell you Carrie's friend Jesus lived near Ruidoso I was telling him about you. He said it's beautiful there!

  11. Patti, really? Wow! Tell Carrie to give him a shout out!! It is beautiful here. When, WHEN are you going to come visit?

  12. Oh, I positively cannot wait for snow . . .I will go look now to see if we have any . . .maybe I can see NM snow from here . . .

  13. Beans, well, could you see it? Could you see my snow???


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