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Monday, October 06, 2008

Somedays I hate my email!!

I'm feeling cynical today. I haven't been sleeping well unless it is a drug-induced sleep. Kinda like this......

My cynical mood was exacerbated by two people who sent me some garbage email. One was a general blast at Muslims the other a "humorous" slam at Democratic women. In the past, I've expressed to both people my opinions about these things by trying to reason with them. Today I said (re: Muslims) that there are bad apples in every religious group and cited some examples. Then I asked to not be sent any more hate mail. The reply? I'm too "narrow minded" to be consider a friend. OK, apparently I don't need that person in my life for any reason. The second? I requested that my picture be added to the list of ugly Democratic women, and I sent a picture for that purpose. I haven't heard back on that one. I probably won't. This person would have to "divorce" me, because it is a relative. It will just be ignored until the person forgets again that I dislike sexist, racist, homophobic, nasty natured "humor."

I'm sick of that kind of scare tactics and twisted humor. What follows is "humor;" however, it isn't funny. Every one of these hits way too close to be funny to me. This is my strike back. Don't go on reading, if you are offended by what you all know by now to be my political position. Jus' sayin'.



duh .....

double duh .......

I guess the bar really is set that low. My email upholds it.

OH, my rant is finished. I've taken a big, deep breath, and I promise to continue breathing for the rest of the day. ;)


  1. I received one of those emails too yesterday. It was about how none of the issues at hand int he economy are the result of GWB but instead in 2006 a democratic house and sentate took over.

    ARGH! It got my dandy up quite well and I responded. I haven't heard back which is fine with me.

    I'm so tired of it. But here's the rub - I'm clearly out and proud when it comes to my political beliefs and yet I have never, ever, not once, received an email that slams McCain for this that or the other (and heaven knows there are reasons) from my left-wing friends.

    Why is that? Why does the right side feel the need to spread hate, lies, etc but I'm not seeing that from the left? I think that says a lot, doesn't it? I get that the right side is scrambling right now but seriously - enough! If you can't send amazing facts about YOUR candidate, don't send anything. Tell me all the reasons (without slamming Obama) why McCain is the one you are standing by. Tell me how much he has done and what he plans to do.

    You know? It's the old "If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing."

    Blogs are excempt in my way of thinking because a blog is yours and people come to read what you write and no one has to read it but email? Come on people. I don't want your hate in my inbox!

  2. breathe breathe breathe. Lets hunt that sandman down and hurt him.Love hagar he is awesome.As far as being narrow minded I dont believe it. I think the person or people saying that is. Here is the thing everyone has an opinion and just cause you dont agree with that opinion does not make you narrow minded. Have a good day and dont let people get you down.

  3. The first person wasn't a friend, and the second is a fool. A relative ought to know better.

  4. Amen, Casey! If I know someone is of the other persuasion, I don't send them negatives stuff. And you are about 1000% right that I don't get that from the left. What I typically get from my Democratic friends is factual information, news stories, statistics, background information, etc. I'm mad enough now to let 'er rip!

    Red, after spouting off I felt much better. It's just one of those things that I couldn't shake and had no one to talk directly to, so y'all got it!!!

    Annie, your are right. The sad part is that the relative is one of my favorite people in the family. Hmmm. Or perhaps used to be.

  5. I just don't understand some people. You have been very nice about the whole thing...I don't understand why they would keep sending you that crap when you have made it clear that you don't want to receive it.

  6. Caroline, you would think so, wouldn't you? The relative could have been a slip-up, because this is the first thing I've had since I made my request. But the other one .... no way. He enjoys digging me. I'm done with him.

  7. yeah, here in Indiana there are some hard core conservatives who send the mean spirited emails. i hit delete ASAP!
    on the other hand, i have heard some conservatives here express reservations about Palin. it is amazing how close Obama is to winning over this conservative state. i still think McCain will win Indiana, but Obama/Biden should be commended for getting even a foot in the door
    in the end, i just want our country to get away from the bipartinship. so i am swearing to be happy no matter what happens in November.

  8. (M)ary, I've actually had little trouble after requesting of a few people to leave me out of any mean spirited stuff. I also invited knowledge, information that has been checked out for validity or comes from a reliable, cited source.

    There are some surprising reversals in several states this year. I'm fascinated with it, the first time I've been so involved and invested in an election.

    We would be so much better off with 3-4 parties so things don't get so deadlocked.

  9. MQ, the problem is that when it is from someone you trust, you open it and then .... zap! Well, I only have the one person now, the relative, and I'm betting he won't do it again because my message was very clear.

  10. PS - I'll be glad when the election is over and we can get back to "normal." Even if only one of us "wins" in the election, we are both in the same boat for our lives. Evening the scales is a god thing.


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