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Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Photos

A picture day. That's what today turned out to be.

It started out as my decision to update on a couple of my projects. Now don't get excited. Neither is glamorous, but both are very functional and enormously welcome.

The first is a walkway from the driveway at the front of the house to the gate into the back yard. I still have to snug up some of the fancy-schmancy edging and add another row on the other side, but it is so much easier to make the journey now.

I had already done the first part that leads to the basement/under-house storage earlier, back to the walk that goes to the left. I added some steps farther back today to complete the path to the back yard.

This new part will need some more leveling and other work, but it will be nice to have it, especially is wet weather.

The final leg is where it turns into the gate. Again, I have more to do here, but I decided to quit for today. This is hard labor!

The other project is the terraces and steps from one driveway to the other. I think this is essentially finished. I may complete the graveled areas with flat rocks over time, but the functionality is good at this point.

This is a shot from the top looking down. It doesn't look like much, just a path from this angle.

But looking at it from the lower drive gives a better perspective.

The lower part at the bottom of the photo was a sloping area, but what you see at the top is very steep.

These are the topmost steps. They are fairly high steps, but easily do-able by most people.

A closer shot of the top steps. They look rather scary, but they are sturdy and easy to use. In the last couple weeks, I've used them almost every day, and as I've found things to correct, I've made minor adjustments.

I spotted these little yellow flowers are I walked around the yard. No idea what they are, other than pretty.

And then I started playing with my camera settings and took some "color accented pictures."

The yellow sunflowers were too pretty to pass up in this experiment.

And some of the lavender chrysanthemums in one of my big iron kettles caught my eye. I was surprised with the red cast in the kettle as caught by the lens.

Finally, I noticed in one of the color accent photos, that one of the colors in the flag in this photo is the same as the current color of my house. Without scanning down, can you guess which color?


Yep, that aqua green color! Next summer, I hope to repaint it, but the color-to-be is not determined as yet. I'm leaning toward an earthy adobe red. We'll see.

Have a good weekend, y'all!!!


  1. Great pictures. No plans here for the weekend as Mike is working tonight. Will be nice to get laundry and housework that never ends caught up

  2. Aww nice pics Lynn and great to see a plan come together. You work so hard all by yourself, and end up with everything looking so nice.


  3. Redfrog, thanks. Well, I hope it's a good weekend, even if no exciting plans are out there.

    Ruth, thanks. I don't know that it is "nice" yet, but it is certainly getting there! I love the feeling of accomplishment.

    MJ, thank you.

  4. OH*WOW!!! I know you put in a lot of work with your projects. Looks good! I bet you will be grateful in the winter with all the hard work you've done so far.

  5. PS. I LOVE the sunflowers!!!! :-)

  6. Daisy, I have, and I think you're right, this winter I will be happy that I got all this done.

    And thanks! I like the effect, too!

  7. I want to get a camera that takes color accented pictures. I love that!

  8. MQ, I have to say it is a shame that I haven't explored more of the features in this camera, but I'm beginning to really get into them now. It is so much fun to see what can be done!


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