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Friday, October 03, 2008


What is the worst thing that can happen to me? The worst? No, the very, very worst. Yeah, that!

I've had a couple minor things wrong with my laptop for a while now. I won't try to explain them, but just know they were minor irritations that I wasn't overly concerned about, just bugged me. I knew I should have them fixed, but kept forgetting it, putting it off. There is not an Apple Store near me, so it would mean a lot of trouble to have repairs done.

Then this morning, I did something that forced the issue. I popped one of the keys loose from the keyboard. I've done it before, and I usually just pop it back on, but a teeny-tiny piece broke from the back of it, so I can't fix it. And I realized that my extended service contract is probably about to expire, so I decided to call Apple.

When I described the problem, the tech said they would overnight me a box to send the laptop in for repairs. She wanted to do it now because my contract expires in 28 days. So tomorrow or Monday, I should have the box and be able to send it in. It will probably take about ten days or two weeks with the round trip to have it repaired and back to me.



OK, OK, I have a desktop. I won't be without email and blogging. But I won't be able to do it from the comfort of my bed or from the pleasure of my deck. I'm already having difficulty with my breathing!! gasp, gasp, gasp.

Alright, I think I'm beginning to calm down. I had a small break, and it allowed me to regain my balance a bit. Now let me share that "break" with you so we can all have a good laugh!

The dogs went racing to the deck, not an unusual thing. They do it all day long when they hear something. Or when they think they hear something. The barked for a few seconds, but they didn't quit as usual, so I went to the door to see what was going on. There was a strange man standing at the top of the steps. He didn't step onto the deck because I have a gate there to keep the dogs in. I was surprised to see a well-dressed man standing here on my steps. Remember that I am over two miles off the highway, so I don't get many "drop-ins."

He started talking to me, and I caught about two of every three words because of the barking. I didn't step out of my door because I still am jammied-up, so he was about 15 feet away from me. Then he pulled out a WatchTower, and I just waved my hand and said no thanks. In retrospect, I wish I had told him to be sure no one comes back here from their organization, because the dogs may be little, but they are trained to eat JWs!

Can you believe they are knocking on doors in the middle of Nowhere, NM, USA? Yeah, they do!!

I was just about to get dressed, but any day that starts with laptop withdrawal and a JW at the door in the middle of the wilderness (almost) doesn't bode well. Maybe I'll just stay inside and in my jammies!


  1. Be lucky you have the desktop or you could have been like me a couple weeks ago.I get Jws all the time but they are scared to death of pepper.Big bark little bite but they dont know that.

  2. Be lucky you have the desktop or you could have been like me a couple weeks ago.I get Jws all the time but they are scared to death of pepper.Big bark little bite but they dont know that.

  3. First of all...I am so sorry about your laptop. I was without mine for about a week and it was really the longest week of my life. We will all be here to support you through the difficult period you are able to enter. :)

    LOL about the JW. I am telling you...they will find you anywhere. I love how you said your dogs are trained to eat JW's. I should work on training Sophie to do that.

  4. Redfrog, Yes, I am lucky to have the backup. Don't know what I would do otherwise. A noisy bark is a good thing!

    Caroline, I knew you'd understand my plight of both things! I am so glad that I have the desktop. And maybe while I'm using it, I will get started on scanning the old pictures. ;D Don't hold your breath on that one!

  5. mailing your laptop for repairs? i hope the UPS main is extra careful with that package!

  6. (M)ary, it's going via USPS in a prepaid box made to fit the specific computer. I don't know if that is any better, but Apple insures it, so if anything happens, it could mean a nice new replacement! I could live with that!

  7. Anybody soliciting their religion give me the creeps. I am so glad that Brandy barks and growls like she is going to rip someone's head off. She wouldn't hurt a fly but the religious nuts don't know that.

    Sorry to hear about the laptop.

  8. Daisy, I agree with you on that! Religion should have to be "hawked." And people who do are just, yeah, as you said, creepy.

    Me, too, but it will be good as new soon. Thanks!

  9. My goodness they are like rats... infesting everywhere!


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