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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have You?

Remember in the Tuesday Trivia that little thing about squirrels forgetting where they bury acorns? I was thinking about dogs. You know, dogs are supposed to bury their bones and/or other things, right?

But wait! I don't remember seeing a dog bury anything. Never. Never, ever! I've seen dogs dig holes, but it is usually from boredom. Or to escape from a fenced area. Or chasing after a bug.

So what's with that?? Have you ever seen a dog dig a hole, put something in it and cover it up?

Just wondering.


  1. My son's dog likes to dig. He dug a hole and dropped a rock into it. But he didn't cover it back up. He is kinduva weird dog anyway though.

  2. Bufford will "bury" milk bones with blankets and stuff and he is actually digging but not enough to ruin them mainly uses his nose. Its quite funny

  3. My dog Simon (Sir Poopalot on my blog) tries to bury his toys. When I get him an American Kennel Club Rabbit toy he goes beserk, carries it around the back yard looking for a place to hide it.

    One toy rabbit must have been at least partially buried. He took it outside, then must have snuck it back inside one day. I found it buried under the covers on the bed. The toy was covered in dirt and leaves. I about freaked when I found it because the kennel club stuffed animals are very life like so I thought he had brought in a real bunny.

  4. I have seen cats make motions like they are trying to bury their food. I read that cats will do that when they don't like the food you give them.

  5. Dave, that dog just doesn't finish his job, does it? LOL!

    Red, it's a sad day when a dog has to use a fake bone and fake dirt! That is funny, though!

    (M)ary, I'm going to have to go look at the AKC rabbit. It sounds, uh, interesting. I wouldn't like it in my bed, either!

    My dogs occasionally do something with their food bowl that is so weird. They scoop at the bowl with their noses, often resulting in overturning it. I've assumed they are protesting their diet, too.

  6. Sadie had dug in blankets to bury a bone and then un"buried" it moments later.

  7. MJ, it's funny when they do that. It's like "OH! Surprise! Look what I found!!"

  8. We used to have a poodle that buried bones and toys. Bizarre!!!

  9. MQ, really??? Well, OK, then!


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