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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dinner and .....other stuff

I made the stew as planned, and it was knock-out!! I put a number of things in that I don’t usually, and it was worth the experiment. The trouble is that I don’t remember everything! LOL! Outsmarted myself! I’m jotting down things as I remember them, hoping I can recreate or come close again.

We had a glass of wine while I finished up the last details of dinner, put the cornbread in the oven, and made an apple crisp for dessert. I was planning to cut the recipe for the apple crisp in half, so I did just half the apples that the recipe called for. Then, because Linda and I were talking up a blue streak, I was distracted and mixed the regular amount of everything else. I stopped and cut up more apples and got out a larger baking dish. Now I have apple crisp coming out my ears! But I have to tell you, the end result was wonderful! Thank you, Sandra, for the recipe. And BTW, I did make real, homemade whipped cream to top it off!

There was too much food, even for two. I knew there would be, but I really wanted that stew. I sent some of everything home with Linda, so we are both happy now!

Linda was impressed with how The Kids have adjusted. Sam was friendly with her within a few minutes, although he kept his eyes on her. Max in my consummate watchdog. He was friendly with her, but let her know that he was aware that she was an interloper in our house. If she moved too quickly, he barked like crazy, but he wouldn’t stay away, either. Jazi and Joey were just all over her and ready to cuddle. Linda has been around them every few weeks since the onset, so she is probably the best barometer of their behavior improvement and adjustment.

Beans posted her list of 7 today, and when I was reading it, I just cracked up when I read this. "I used to not shave my legs cause I thought I was making some kind of feminist statement . . .now I think that overly hairy legs is kinda icky." A few weeks ago, shortly after the lunch with The Guy, I quit shaving my legs. I'm actually rather bad about it since there is no man in my life anyway, so I tend to shave my legs just when someone might actually see them! I guess I have shaved my legs about every ten days or two weeks. I often wear jeans or slacks, and if I wear a dress, it is usually a long enough skirt that it doesn't show my legs. So who cares, right?

Anyway, I actually did shave my legs before meeting with The Guy. I mean, that's what we do, isn't it? We always shave our legs before a date. But a few weeks later as I began to realize that it appeared things were not going as I'd hoped, I decided in the shower one day that I was just going to forget the whole shaving process. I thought that it is just a needless process, so I'd just pass it by until, oh, perhaps just before a third date with someone. I mean, by the third date I'd probably start thinking, "Maybe ...." Yeah, that makes sense. Just forget it all until the might be a reason for it. I wasn't making a statement, exactly; I was just being lazy and saving myself some time.

I didn't think any more about it for seven or eight weeks. And a few days ago, I actually looked at my legs. G.R.O.S.S!!!!! It has been so long since I have let my legs go that I'd forgotten how hirsute they really are! Eeeeuuuuwwww! I couldn't believe how bad they really were!!!

I shaved my legs. I'll shave them somewhat regularly. I will not wait for the magical, hoped for, but non-existant and unforeseen third date. Nope.

Life is beautiful!!!!
And so are my legs .... now!!!


  1. Apple crisp AND homemade whipped cream?? Have you ever considered moving to southern colorado?? ;)

    I'm married and I STILL don't shave like I should. My poor husband.

  2. Apple crisp? I'm all hungry. :)

    Shaving is highly over-rated...but I feel bad if I don't do it once every few days. Plus, it's not like my hair is thin and fine and "not noticiable". I have no idea why....because isn't it Italians that are supposed to be kind of hairy??? I'm mostly German...least I think so! ;)

  3. HAHAHAHAH! That's funny!

    I love apple crisp . . .maybe we will make some soon in honor of your not so hairy legs!

    I only shave them when they start to get stubbly and I don't like the way they feel when they touch each other. I think it is a weird sensory thing. Plus, it always seems I am in shorts--until it freezes around here, I will be in shorts with a long sleeve shirt and three layers on top before I put pants on . . .have always been that way.

    So glad to hear the kids are doing well and being social--always good.

  4. Catherine, LOL!, No, I honestly haven't considered that!

    But he loves you!!!

    Stacy, when I was a kid, my legs were "gorilla legs." The hair is actually more sparse now, and because I'm shaving less often, it is softer and doesn't feel bad, but when it got to be 2" long .... ok, make that 1/2" .... it was just gross and ugly! I'm mostly Dutch(which is kinda German) and German, so no, we don't escape it!

    Beans, I knew you'd get a laugh over this! When I read your post, I was laughing so hard and I knew I had to do this one! Thanks for the fodder!

  5. Ha haaa that food sounds wonderful but the shaving the legs thing is killing me. I don't dare not shave or I get called "frenchy" ....

  6. MQ, oh, yeah, the food was really good. "Frenchy"? Well, that's the price for being married, I guess! LOL!

  7. I love Apple Crisp and thanks to MJ I had some last week.

    I am so particular about my legs and have to shave them every single night before I go to bed. Even the slightest amount of hair will drive me crazy at night.

  8. I have really dry skin shaving tears my skin up terribly tried everything so during the winter i dont shave. Mike started to say something and I offered to hot wax his back. Hasnt said another word.

  9. Caroline, I used to shave my legs every single day. GAH!

    Want me to put some of this apple crisp and whipped cream in an envelope and sent it to you? ;D

    Redfrog, I've tried waxing. It's basically inhuman!!!

    Have you tried an electric shaver in the winter? I'd probably just skip it, too!


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