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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weather, Skies, Dogs and Stew ... and a Friend in Need

It is raining, grey skies, and very chilly this morning. Yesterday it was mild, lower 60s and breezy, but very pleasant. I worked outside off and on. Late afternoon, I began to feel a chill, although my temperature in the house was around 71°, so I closed the windows. I usually leave a window open in every room, at least an inch or so, but I continued to be uncomfortable, so I ended up closing all of them by about 8:00. At bedtime, I did reopen the bedroom for some fresh air, but added a comforter to my bed before crawling in.

When I took the dogs out the last time it was "snowing" again. there was another of those fine, misty snows going on. It was extremely light, but It dawned on me why I was feeling a chill! We were expecting some rain, but I didn't think about snow till I opened the door.

About 3:00 in the morning, Ali was scratching, his nervous behavior during thunder storms. He hasn't dong that is a long, long time! I listened, but I didn't hear thunder. I'm guessing he was sensing it via something besides aural. SI turned on some music and I got him on the bed to cuddle, but he didn't want to stay. He seemed to be calmer, however, curled up on the floor beside the bed and went to sleep.

About the time I got him settled I noticed that Jazmyn was in the crate, very wide awake. I'd forgotten that I have a second baby who is afraid of thunder. Jaz isn't extreme, but she certainly doesn't like bad weather. I used to have to hold Ali, sometimes for hours, and always while he shook violently, clawed at anything (including the person holding him), chewed up or clawed to pieces anything he could get close to. It used to be awful!! Jaz just gets nervous and wants to be close to me. At worst she shakes a little, but that calms when she can snuggle. So I got her out of the crate and let her burrow down beside me.

The northern part of the State has a winter weather advisory, and the forecast is for snow in the mountains, as much as a foot at altitudes over 7500 feet. I'm not in that weather advisory area (but it isn't far away, I'd guess 60 miles), but my elevation is 7200 feet. No wonder I was getting a light flurry last night. There is a heavy fog between me and the mountains; it looks like a solid grey mass rather than a moisture cloud. My high today is going to be around 50, and the rain is to continue most of the day. I think I'll stay in!

I'm going to make a beef stew today. Linda is going into her studio to work, then coming by here on her way home for dinner. She moved into a new house in August, and there was no gas line into the house. She is still waiting for the line to be run, so she cooks only with the microwave and a hotplate. When I mentioned I'd make biscuits or cornbread to go with it, and she said, 'OH, please make cornbread! I've been wanting cornbread for weeks!" So cornbread it is!

I have a couple interesting pictures I took on Sunday night. When I came home from the movie, the sky was amazing. The sky was very black with clouds scattered around. The moon was nearly full and very bright, with the clouds moving across it, in and out. I knew that my night pictures wouldn't be very good, but I took some, anyway, then played with them a little to make them "seeable." I've loaded a couple of them here. I've left them small because they are unremarkable until you click on them to enlarge them.

When you enlarge them, you'll see how grainy they are with my tinkering. But you'll see the cloud patterns, and you can see a number of stars in the sky, too.

Hope you enjoy!

On a somber note, I got an email this morning from a friend who has struggled with stomach or digestive problems for a long time. He said he was in the hospital a few days ago, and has been referred to the cancer center in Albuquerque. His note was very cryptic, so I don't know more. I'm assuming his digestive tract is the target area. I'm going to call a little later and see what I can find out, but meanwhile, keep him in your meditations and prayers, please.

UPDATE: I spoke with my friend, and the cancer is in his liver and pancreas, so the outlook is not good. I have had a couple friends/acquaintances who survived pancreatic cancer, but if this has metastasized, and it sounds like it has, the odds are not good. He will learn more next week at the cancer center. So thanks for your kind thoughts for him, especially over the next few days.


  1. Beef stew sounds so good!!!!

    I will be thinking of/praying for your friend. That sounds scary!

  2. Cheryl, doesn't it sound yummy? :D

    And thanks.

  3. I love beef stew although mine is always soup and never stew :(. I am sorry about your friend there is a guy from Erie Pa that now lives in Florida is name is John Kanizus who is doing awesome things with radio waves as far as a cure for cancer.If you would like I can find a link and email it to you.

  4. Oh- it was pancreatic cancer that took my mother. At that time it was considered the least curable cancer, so I'm surprised that you know survivors of it. Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. I can't believe you are getting more snow. You are so lucky. It's exciting knowing that we will probably be getting our first snow in a little over a month. (you know KC always gets it's first snow in NOvember)

    I am sorry to hear about your friend. He will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Red, yes, if you find the link, send it along, and I'll forward it to him. Thanks.

    Betty, you're right on the statistics. One that I mentioned is merely an acquaintance, and as far as I know is holding his own. The other sadly, beat the cancer .... only to die with an aneurysm. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

    Caroline, remember that I haven't seen any accumulation at my house, just flurries. Still, I'm enjoying it, except that the cold seems to be bothering me more this year. I'll still take it over the heat!

    Thanks for the kind thoughts. You know who it is, don't you?

  7. That puppy is so cute! I don't know if I can handle another over active dog.

    We have Chili on right now but the beef stew sounds good as well. We have a pot luck tonight and mom is going to bring her Bean Salad. Since I can't cook, store bought cookies.

    It was pancreatic cancer that my friend Jill succumb to. I will keep your friends in my prayers.

    SNOW! Brrrrr I am glad it is only chilly here in Tucson. During the day we can open all of the windows and at night we need an extra blanket.

  8. Lyn I emailed you an article but the email didnt go through my yahoo account it went through my other account which is marlrice. Just wanted to let you know so you would know who it was from.

  9. Snowing? Wow, and I'm sitting here in 88 degrees wishing for a tad of rain to cool things down. This is fall??

  10. Pepper, isn't she a little doll? I knew it was probably out of the question for you, but wanted to share it.

    The stew is smelling SOOOO good right now.

    Thanks for the prayers.

    The fog has not lifted all day long, and it is only 38 degrees outside. That's pretty cold for this time of year!

    Red, I got it, thanks!!

    Kathi, isn't it wild how different the temps can be just a few hundred miles apart? You have 88, I have 38!!

  11. Does his name start with an "R"??

  12. Thoughts and prayers are with your friend.

    MMMMM!!!! I LOVE beef stew! Yum! I have been craving cornbread too.

    WOW!!! That moon looks like a Halloween moon.

    SNOW!!! It is hard to believe you're getting snow. It was almost 80 here today! Crazy weather.

  13. I am very sorry to hear about your friend! I hope he beats the odds.

  14. My thoughts for your friend.

    Sadie is scared of storms and will often calm down if she is right next to me and I have and arm or leg on her. She seems to need my touch.

  15. Caroline, yes.

    Daisy, thank you for the concern. The weather is indeed odd. I think spring and fall brings so many variables across the nation that it is a smorgasbord of weather!

    MJ, thank you.

    That sounds like how Jazi does with the storms. She obviously doesn't like them, but as long as she is with me, she is OK.

  16. I'm so sorry about your friend, Lyn. I knew someone who had pancreatic cancer, and it was very hard to see her suffer.

    My heart goes out to him.

  17. Catherine, thank you, I'll send your heart along with mine.

  18. I am so sorry for your friend, he is in my prayers.
    Glad you remember to snuggle with Jazi and that Ali didn't get so very scared.

  19. Patti, thanks for the prayers.


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