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Monday, October 13, 2008

An Idea

I've picked up a number of delicious, yummy, scrumptious recipes from various blog sites over time. I've made many of them to take to the pot lucks because most are too much to make for one or even two people. I have to say that there is not one of them that has been a flop. There were a couple that I might have added a little of this or more of that, but they were essentially superb recipes.

I've been thinking about something. I've considered setting up a blog for sharing recipes. However, I don't know that I can do this on my own. I think it would probably work better to have a few people to add their own knowledge and expertise. Several of you who read here have been contributors to my recipe file. Would you be interested in being co-contributors on such a site?

I have no idea what I'm getting in to here, and it is possible that I'll run away scared before it actually takes off, but I thought the idea was worth tossing out there for feedback.

So here's the deal .... if you would be interested in joining in a combined effort, please let me know. Just leave a note here, and if I don't already have your email addy, send it to me if you would. If you don't want it published here, send it to me via

OK, my idea is up the flagpole! Let's see where it goes!


  1. great idea...I'd love to read and try but not to inventive in the kitchen

  2. MJ, you don't have to be "inventive." It can be a recipe that you picked up from Aunt Maude or from another blog or from a TV show or out of a .... gasp ..... cookbook! As long as it is one you've tried and proven, it can be passed on to others. Heck, most of my recipes aren't my own creation either! I might have 4-5 I can call "mine."

  3. well, i will read the blog but i don't use recipes often so i don't have much to share in that regard.
    i could throw one recipe into the mix just to contribute....

  4. can you post recipes from cookbooks? the only recipe i have is one that i got from Good Housekeeping. it has a been a long time since i made the dish but i used to do it all of the time. it is exactly out of the cookbook so would that be a copyright infringement or something?
    yikes. is that too complicated of a question for a fun idea?? sorry!

  5. (M)ary, I think since we would not be selling them, and if the original source is note "I love this recipe from the GH Cookbook and make it every Thanksgiving," seems pretty innocent. Sharing a recipe for the love of the recipe isn't illegal, I'm sure. After all, you could copy it down and hand it to a neighbor.

    Anyone disagree with my thoughts?

  6. Oh, pick me, pick me. I wanna help. Especially if I can get some yummy stuff to do in the crockpot . . .

  7. Great idea Lynn - I would be glad to participate.


  8. Beans, alrighty!!!

    Ruth, good!

  9. I would love to find some new recipes that I could try. Since I have met Susan I have found that I am enjoying cooking more. I do have some recipes that I think others would enjoy, so you can add me to the list of people that would would and contribute.

  10. Caroline, OK! But you haven't sent me the recipe for the dip you made using the candied jalapenos. You have to do that to get in!! LOL!

  11. Honey y'all don't want to eat anything i'd give a receipt for. I'm a terrible cook!
    I love to eat though!

  12. MQ, uhmmm, OK, we'll just let you read the recipes, OK?


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