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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Weekend Thus Far

Gail and I planned to go to the movies on Saturday, but it was a drizzly day, and I was too lazy to get dressed, so we put off our trip till yesterday. Saturday I spent the day watching every movie on the Hallmark channel for over 12 hours. And eating everything I could put my hands on, I'm afraid. I also had a couple hours mid- to late afternoon that I was depressed, weepy over anything! Sheesh. Memo to self: Hallmark is fine, but not for 12 hours straight. DO NOT REPEAT!!

Yesterday, we did go to see "Eagle Eye." I enjoyed it. A couple times, I heard the words "eagle eye" as "evil eye," an interesting twist. If you've seen the movie, you know what I mean. I won't say more so that if you're planning to see it, it won't be ruined for you. I have to say one thing about today's multiplexes (does a 3-theater complex qualify as such?) that I'm not crazy about. Each theater is smaller than the ones on my younger days, so you end up sitting closer, even in the last row, than I would have in the past. I mean, the last row is not as far from the screen as half-way back in the older style theaters. During action sequences, this is difficult for some like myself with some degree of motion sickness. Several times, I felt just a wave of nausea and had to close my eyes momentarily.

Oh, another thing I'd change ( I know, I said one, but it's my blog, my rules!) is the sound level. Puhleez!! Turn the knob to the left!!! It felt like most of the movie was on the volume of commercials on TV. You've noticed that, right? You have the program set at a comfortable level, then the commercial break has you scrambling for the controller to save your eardrums and nerves! I have some hearing loss, and it bothers me. And people wonder why the hearing of younger generations is worse at lower ages? I never did like loud, loud music. And BTW, it drives me nuts to go to a club or even many restaurants where the music is loud enough to make it difficult to have a conversation. How about this ..... theaters with earphones so each person can adjust their own volume? Yeah!!

In the previews of upcoming movies, I saw several that I thought would be interesting. It looks as if I will be going to the movies quite a bit this fall and winter. "Body of Lies," "The Changeling," "The Soloist," "Benjamin Button," "The Secret Lives of Bees," to name a few. I won't, won't see "The Haunting of Molly Hartley," although I'm curious as hell. It looks just too scary. I don't do scary. shudder. I even think I'll go back and see "Hollywood Chihuahua," so I can have some belly laughs. I don't know about you, but in light of the politics and economy that consume our real lives these days, a laugh is hard to come by at times in my life.

Before I left for the movie, I spent some time in my well house. I put up a shelf to put stuff on. I store tools, the rarely used ones there, as well as paint. The shelf helped to organize, but I need several more. I'm getting ready to paint the well house, and I initially walked down to see if I had some paint for that, and decided it would be so much easier to find what I needed if I straightened up. You know how it is, one thing leads to another and another and another. GAH! I have so many "anothers" to get done!

And today is one of those days to do some "anothers," so I'd better get dressed and busy. You, too! Get up and do something! Yes, it can be something fun, but do something!!!!!

Later, y'all!!!


  1. I saw a trailer for Hollywood Chihuahua and I thought too that it didn't look that bad. But I love scary movies as much as the missus loves The Hallmark Channel (and the Lifetime Movie Network).

  2. Dave, then you want to go see that movie. I'm telling you, it looks really good!!

  3. I haven't even saw any movies that interest me lately... sad. I used to go ALL the time!

  4. Queenie, this is the first time I've seen that many that sounded good. Usually if one catches my attention it is a good day!


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