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Friday, October 17, 2008

People Cease to Use Their Brains At Times

You would not believe what people actually say when I'm making calls for the Obama Campaign.

OK, I haven't heard this one, but I've heard some doozies!!


  1. I bet you have heard just about everything! That comic was too funny, but in a sad way a bit real. People can be so misinformed (ok, I really wanted to say ignorant).
    I'm so happy and proud that you are making those calls. Keep calling, you are doing a GREAT thing.

  2. part of me wants to hear some of the things you've heard - you know that part, the train wreck one?
    mr. o is going to be here tomorrow. i'm soooooooooooo there - with the boys in tow! and a groovy camera with a super dooper lens.
    i can hardly contain the excitement!

  3. That comic strip is too funny. People say some stupid stuff sometime.

    Hope you're doing well. By the way, I bet you're really good at making those calls. Although you haven't called us yet! LOL

  4. Cheryl, I've certainly heard some strange things. I think it starts with misinformation and them becomes ignorant because they don't seek further information.

    Thanks. I've never been involved at all in any campaign, and this time I can't NOT be involved!

    Cameo, perhaps when this is all over, I will compile some of the sagas.

    You go and be present for all of us, OK? I don't blame you for the excitement!

    Dawn, honey, you don't live in NM, or I would call you! And yes, you wouldn't believe how stupid some people can actually be!!

  5. How awesome that you are doing something pro-active.
    We are ignored here in Atlanta - written off as Red. I went home to MN last weekend and was amazed at the attack ads by the McCain camp. The local fight is even dirtier.

  6. Comics always summarize things so well with their dry wit and sarcasm...

  7. I am sure it is not a job for the faint-of-heart. People I "used" to think were sensible beings have made some of the "stupidest" remarks when it comes to him!

  8. Patti, I would guess those people think the same of me, but I don't think I say any of those completely in the dark, uninformed things about "that one." I talk about why his health care plan would be better for me, or why his tax plan appeals to me. I've read, and I know some of the things said about him just aren't true, and I try to present those, but people say things like he wants to or will allow "400,000 babies to die," I know that I'm hitting my head on the brick wall.


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