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Friday, October 17, 2008

Unconditional Everything!

I'm so delighted with the communication The Kids and I are beginning to develop. We still struggle with "I need to go out, Mom, NOW!!" But we're getting there. Joey has actually barked a couple times at the door, and the others sometimes scratch at the door. I still have to be very vigilant, no, make that very, very vigilant, but we are learning. It seems that their having free access to the back yard to play or potty and the deck to play has been a great help in their understanding of the process. It is getting cold enough I can't leave the doors open nearly as long, but they've done well about telling me their needs in some way on the cool beginning and ending of the day when the doors have to be closed.

I ordered and just received two doggy doors. A friend is going to help me install them. This way, through the winter or next summer when the air conditioner is on, The Kids can get in and out. I'll have to teach them how to use it, because it is very different from what they know now. I think we just about have this part of our lives ironed out!

But the other communication is getting better, too, and it is so much fun. Max is by far the best. He seems to be a very smart dog. He picks up on verbal and non verbal commands very quickly, very well. But they are all coming along. They understand "outside, potty" to mean they need to run to the back door; "outside, play" means run to the front door. "Hungry" or "eat" causes a stampede to the kitchen. "Ohhhh, noooooo," means someone goofed, a potty accident or some torn up paper, and they all slow down when I say this. The guilty party is usually obvious by his/her ducked head. A "woohoo" from me for something good they've done well sets them dancing and bounding around me.

Max also heeds "back" and will back off. Now, if it is food, I may have to tell him two or three times because he moves just an inch or so at a time! When I tell him to sit, he does. I didn't train him for this, so it may be an accident, but he is pretty consistent about this. The one command he is inconsistent about is "come." He does it for many things, but when he suspects it is to do something he doesn't want to do (get into the crate, go out when he doesn't want to,etc.), he becomes deaf. OK, not deaf, but very hard of hearing! His tail wags and his head goes down as if to say, "awww, Mom!"

They are especially respondent to me on one thing that I just love. When I chuckle or laugh, they flock to me with tails wagging, and if they can reach, they are all over me with kisses. They know it is a good sign, and they enjoy my happiness right along with me. Unconditional acceptance, unconditional love, and unconditional life! I don't know how it could get much better!

(with my babies) is beautiful!!!!

BTW, I have a confession to make. I cheated. I proke my promise. I did go look at Flopsy again. I'm chewing on my knuckles! And today, they have Mopsy's picture up, at last. OMG! They are both SOOOO cute! Jazi says, "There are other girls in this world?? Really??" She thought she was the only one!!


  1. I say go for it. Girls are awesome

  2. do you have your trip scheduled for 10/22? I'm sure Jazi would love some sisters. And those faces, hard to resist.


  3. I can't use the word F *O*O*D around my dog. In fact I am even afraid to type it. He gets so excited when he hears the word.

  4. Red, LOL! coming from a woman with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 7 cats, that is some advice!!!! ;D

    Kim, I know, I know! I'm really fighting the urge. I'm like a woman who sees a friend's baby and goes berserk! sigh. Stay tuned.

    (M)ary, for mine, it has been the word "treats"!! Don't they amaze you?

  5. I love reading about the progress you make with the kids, that is so exciting.

  6. MJ, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to realize those progress markers!

  7. Can I point out that you forgot the hubby.

  8. OH, that's true, Red. On hub is equivalent to about 4 kids, right? ;D

  9. Yes Maam!!!! some days 6 kids.

  10. With Lulu, I have been lucky in the accident department. Only 2 accidents. I still think I am trained very well. She knows her name and comes when she is called. She knows the word "cookie" and "hush."

    Mopsy and Flopsy are so cute. You need another girl in the bunch. Go For It.

  11. I am always awed by how smart Reilly is, he does so well with verbal commands and always lets me know when he has to go out.
    Dogs are amazing aren't they (and I think love/patience and good owners help alot!

  12. MQ, we're getting there! It's a process, simply a process, but yes, I think the owner makes a difference, for sure.


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