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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here is what we all need. A side by side comparison of the two medical plans. Take a look .... what works for you?

Almost a year ago I canceled my medical insurance. I could no longer afford it. The premiums kept going up, even though their only expense on me for six years was (1) an annual physical (2) semiannual blood work to monitor medications for arthritis and fibromyalgia (3) three office visits (in SIX years!!!) for other illnesses or injuries and (4) a generic medication that costs less than $25 per month,if I were buying it outright, and I paid a $10 co pay, leaving them less that $15 per month (all pharmacies have arrangements with medical plans to give them discounts on drugs their insureds use.). I had two preexisting conditions what were excluded, including medication to keep them at bay. Fortunately my doctor in KC found me enough samples to get me through. I had no, zero, zip zilch, nada treatment for either except the medications, so the insurance company wouldn't have been at risk for surgery or other procedure. Knowing approximately what they paid out on me, it was less than (actually way less) $2500 per year times 6 years = $15,000. Wanna guess what my premiums added up to over those six years? Over ..... sit down ..... over $36,000!!!!

Right now I have medical issues that need attention. I know I'm anemic. I'm addressing it with diet and iron tablets, but it should be addressed. I'm suspicious that I may have an ulcer. That certainly needs attention. I'm treating it with diet and OTC meds. I'm overdue for a mamogram. I have found a local clinic that does them for a greatly reduced fee or free, and I'll get that scheduled within a few days. In April, I will be covered by Medicare, and I'm hoping that my body will hold out till then.

If we could roll back the economy, say, two years, I could afford the insurance. Or I could afford to pay for the medical care out of pocket. No longer.

All this to say .... NO ONE should have to live like this, without coverage, on limited income, and unable to get medical attention, yet 47 millions americans are in the same boat as I am. FORTY-SEVEN-MILLION people fall through the crack!! 47,000,000! How can that be?

OK, my rant is done.

Come back when I've settled down, OK?


  1. That is exactly why I remain at Big Bookstore and put up with the crap that is. The benefits.

  2. Bush should be ashamed as to how he has driven this country into the ground.

    The only way you can get affordable health care in this country is if you are young and in good health.

    Our country has it completely backwards on so many things, including health care.

  3. Daisy, I understand that completely. I though I was OK, everything was planned out just so. Then "so & so" happened. gah.

    Caroline, yeah, what you said! All of it!

  4. I have insurance.... It is steadily going up and up and up and up. I remember when I first purchased it and was semi pleased with the price. Now I am paying half my salary for it. It isn't the best but it pays for my yearly and my medicines.

  5. You have a RIGHT to rant honey. I hope all will be well until April!

  6. MQ, it will be OK. It HAS to!!


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