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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I've had a busy day. I can't tell you about part of it. Well, I could, but then I'd have to kill you, so I have to wait until the time is right. Then I won't have to kill you, OK? Anyway, I was really busy all day long.

Tonight I began something new. But I can't tell you because .... Oh, never mind, I can tell you this. I started taking ballroom dance lessons! I think I'm really going to enjoy this.

I used to be a dancer. If there was music, I was dancing. From the time that I was three and four years old and danced around the living room in my "cowgirl outfit," a skirt and vest of red corduroy with white plastic fringe and a red hat with the same fringe while Roy Rogers or Gene Autry sang, it was in my soul. As a teenager I never missed a Friday night sock hop or a big dance, like homecoming or prom. I was a really good dancer. Then I married my first husband and we were dancing fools. We came to dance so well together that other dancers used to often leave the dance floor to watch us dance.

Then I married my second husband who danced, but not well, and after a few years he just all but quit. He would dance one or two on special occasions, but we never "went dancing" on purpose. I missed that terribly for many years to come. In the last 30 years, I'll bet I haven't danced more than a couple dozen times. So I'm very, very rusty. I wanted to brush up my skills and get some fun exercise, so when a couple of friends said they were taking lessons, I jumped on it.

Ten minutes into the lesson, my legs were feeling it! We are learning the two-step. I haven't walked backward that much in years and years! I think I "still have it" but I'm having to learn where to find "it" and shine it up! Everything feels very awkward to me. And having someone tell me every move to make feels so artificial. I noticed toward the end of the lesson that as I think back on my past experience, it begins to make sense, but I never had someone teach the professional part; I just watched and did! The instructor was complimentary and said not to worry, it is clear that I have danced before and it will become easier soon. I hope so! This feels really weird! I think it will be good exercise. It certainly kept me in shape in the past. BTW, the instructor is a nice looking young man with that delicious tight butt of a dancer! Don't you just love those butts??? LOL!

I've become terribly aware of the other changes since I last danced regularly, and I hope they smooth out soon. The fibromyalgia makes it more challenging to move; my range of motion is more limited; I have some equilibrium problems because of the hearing loss; and I need to lose weight. Soooooo .... I need to start an exercise program and watch my diet. I can't do much about the equilibrium, but I hope it will become better with time as I learn to compensate for the motion while dancing.

But regardless of all that, I really enjoyed dancing tonight, as rough as it was. Another lesson on Saturday night, and I hope to feel a little more relaxed with it. I can hardly wait!!


  1. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am glad your doing something fun and that you really enjoy it. My first wife and I used to take 2 steppin classes for a lil while. I liked it but life became too busy and she was becoming more nuts... Anyway have fun and maybe somehow you can "accidently" squeeze the instructors butt!!!

  3. Red, EEEeeeHawwwww!

    Man, I think I will love taking the classes, especially when I begin to feel like I'm dancing again, not stumbling around! OH!! I could "stumble" and grab for support, couldn't I?? giggle!

  4. I LOVE that you are dancing again, just remember "dance like no one is watching"!!!

  5. Queenie,me, too! A long time ago Caroline gave the a greeting card that included a CD of "I hope you dance" by Leann Womack. I absolutely love that song, and yes, I will!!

    Beans, yes it is fun! I'm just a fun person, don't you know? LOL!!

  6. Yeah, you go girl!!! I've always wanted to ballroom dance and I love to two step. Cowboy and I dance when we first met 16 years ago but haven't dance in years. Maybe I'll get him to dance in March.

  7. MJ, now really .... is there any question that Cowboy will dance with you in March? Would you allow otherwise? LOL!! I think not!!!

  8. Alright! Have fun, enjoy, and dance a waltz for me.

  9. IE, I'll just by-golly do that!!


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