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Friday, November 07, 2008

No political ads .......
My phone has barely rung in three days .....


Of course, now the holiday ads have begun.


  1. I love this cartoon, okay I am back-reading, I have to since our emails.

  2. holiday ads and christmas music in the radio!

  3. ha-Christmas has exploded all over and it isn't even turkey day!

  4. The same joke appeared in my local Ottawa Sun newspaper this morning. Doesn't take long to travel does it?


  5. This leaves more time for dancing, eh? Hurrah!

    As far as the holidays are concerned, I am planning to try to take advantage of the fact that I love bright colored lights, and just focus on that aspect. We'll see if it works.


  6. MQ, :D

    Cameo, I rarely listen to regular radio since I have Sirius and my iPod, but when the TV is on I surely notice it!

    Beans, WalMart was putting out Christmas stuff right after Labor Day! Hobby Lobby wasn't far behind, either.

    Ruth, I got it from the online comic service I subscribe to, but I'm sure it was everywhere. Six Chix is a pretty popular strip.

    Betty, YES!! I don't mind the lights and celebrations, but the ads will seem like they've been on for-evah, and will have burned out their welcome with me long before 12/25!

  7. AAHHH Yes. The irritating political ads have ended just in time for the holiday ads and the annoying Christmas music. I was out today and you would think Christmas was next week.

  8. I dont mind Christmas ads, I mind christmas lists by my children. I dont miss the political ads

  9. Daisy, isn't that the truth? I avoid more shopping than is really necessary at this time of year. I'm not being bah-humbug about it. I just hate that it goes on so long.

    Red, I don't mind the ads. I just mind that they go on for so long.


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