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Friday, November 21, 2008

Computers and Cameras

Well, my laptop is out of service again. What happened this time? Well.

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch reading a blog with the laptop on my lap. I had been using it without the power attached, and the battery was getting low, so I plugged it in. The outlet is behind the couch, and the cord was hanging beside my legs. The pups were having a merry chase all over the house. All was well in Lynilu Land.

Until .....

Oh, yes, that fatal word, "until."

Max ran, full speed, between the couch and the coffee table. As he did one leg was caught in the cord, doubling it under the laptop which almost fell to the floor. I grabbed it, and yelled at the dogs. Initially I thought everything was OK. But the cord being doubled underneath with that force apparently broke the wires inside. There is no power getting to the laptop. The power in the battery was at about 30%, so I've just turned it off to wait for the new cord to arrive.

I looked online, and the replacement was not there. My computer is "older." Isn't it amazing that a not quite three year old laptop is too old to have accessories listed online?? So I called Apple right away, and I should have the cord today or tomorrow. They said they would over-night it and I would have it today, but they don't realize where I actually live, Boony-ville, USA. I figure tomorrow or perhaps even Monday. f it does arrive today, I will be amazed and ecstatic!!

The guy who took my order said that the same thing has happened to him. He said that what happens more often is that the cord gets chewed up. I laughed and told him that my current one, which isn't very old, is black and white because I have repaired it with electrical tape where it was chewed, also. Max chews cords, but just the casing. I suspect he gets a little shock and stops before tearing the wires. Anyway, I feel less foolish since I know someone else's dog does the dirty no-no, too! You can see the repairs here. Goofy dog!

Sadly, he knew he had done something wrong. I'm sure he didn't know what, but he sat at my feet and looked so mournful for about a half hour after "the incident." Poor boy.

I was playing with the black and white feature of my camera again, and here are a few shots.

How sweet is that little face? He is such a sweet, unassuming dog. Doesn't that face say "trust"?

Dear Joey.

Sam was drifting off to sleep and his little head was nodding. I kept taking shots, but he was moving slightly in every one. A moment after this, his nose was buried in the couch and he shortly after that, began snoring gently!

Max, the computer wrecker. See that white spot by his muzzle? For a couple days, I kept seeing it in photos, and thought I was picking up sun reflections, but taking these shots, that didn't make sense. I kept making adjustments in direction, in settings, but nothing helped. Finally, I looked at the lens, worried about a chip or something. Joke's on me! One of the dogs, Max, I think, licked the lens, and that is a "dried water spot"!! Good grief!

My girl, little Jazi.

Actually that sweet face is a farce. She rules the roost! When the boys get too rough around her or are too close to her food dish or whatever, she becomes a little she-wolf and sets them back!!! You go, girl!

I noticed the sun shinning through the trees, and got this one, full of (real) sun glare, but still pretty.

Less glare here.

And isn't it cool in B&W?

Have a good day everyone!

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  1. You know i'm all about the pups! I am not sure how the review works though, can only you see it?
    I'm on my way home now - yay for the week-end!!!

  2. MQ, I sent you an email. Have a delicious weekend!

    Daisy, thank you!!

  3. There is never a dull day at your house with all the kids.

  4. I love the BW pictures. Your babies are sooooooo cute.

    Hope your laptop is feeling better soon.

  5. Caroline, I hope to have it back to normal ASAP. I really miss it!

    Thanks, I like those pictures, too. It is interesting how Joey's eyes show up so much better in B&W than in color. I'm sure there is a reason for that, but I don't know it.


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