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Friday, November 21, 2008

Deja Vu?????

I had a super scare this evening.

I got home from a couple errands, one of which was the grocery store. I brought groceries in and began putting them away. The kids were delighted to see me, danced around me for several minutes after I walked in. I was delighted to see them, too, but bent on getting the groceries stored.

As I finished the chore, I started toward the office to check email and the blog, but just as I walked in, I realized that none of the little buggers were at my heels. That never .... I repeat, never .... happens. I can't take a step around here without at least one of them on my heels or in front of me so I nearly stumble. I looked on the deck, and they weren't there. Next I looked in the back yard. Nothing. No dogs. Back to the front I noticed that the gate was not quite closed. I guess when I carried the last armful in, I didn't get it latched.

I whistled and called, whistled and called. Nothing. Whistled and called, nothing. I turned around to grab my coat, dreading the search. It was nearly dark, and I was terrified about my babies. When I stepped onto the deck again, there was Jazi coming toward the steps! I let her in, loved her, and told her I had to go find the boys. I made sure the gate was closed and got into the car.

I drove down two of the roads around my house, stopping frequently to whistle and call. No sign of them, but I could heard dogs barking all over the neighborhood. I figured they were barking at my boys, but which group? Which direction should I go? Which ones were barking just because they heard others barking?

I decided that before I checked out the third road, I would drive back through the driveway to see if they might be there. It was getting dark, and I was beginning to feel panicky. I was relieved to see that Max was on the steps, desperately trying to get onto the deck! I hopped out, loved him and put him inside and drove off again.

I turned right to cover the last possibility. I had driven about 20 yards, and I saw a miracle running down the road toward me! Joey and Max!! I stopped and jumped out, and they came hell-bent running for me when they saw me! I put them in the truck and backed down the road to the driveway.

As the three of us went up the steps, Max and Jazi were dancing wildly, and the reunion was joyous! You would have thought they had been separated for weeks! As for me, I was a bit giddy myself. A few minutes later, I began to wonder if the spirit of Ali was back with us, taking The Boys on a bit of a lark like he used to do himself! I donno, but I'm surely glad they are back home, safe and sound.

What have I done to bring these wandering souls into my life????

Never Ending Journey? Heaven help me!!

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  1. What a scary thing- Sadie has ran off before but now she stick pretty close to home. I'm very lucky because we don't have a fence and she doesn't really run off.

  2. MJ, with four of them missing, I could only hope they stayed together. I couldn't imagine how to find them if they separated, and fortunately, they came home one by one (or two). I'm pretty sure they were close by, also. The overnight temp is going to be in the teens,so that was another worry. gah.

  3. I got stopped by the police one night. Because I was driving too slowly. In the middle of the night. In my PJs. Crying. Looking for my old black lab, Bear. Thank goodness he returned home shortly after--but not before I had the PD on the case, too. (he was like Houdini and could escape from any enclosure!)

  4. I would have been scared spitless - glad your 'kids' are all okay ! Such cute faces on them in the post below :)

  5. I can only imagine how scared you were. Gah...did you explain to them that it would not be wise to give you a heart attack. :)

    Glad everyone made it home safely. As I recall, Ali wasn't the only one that liked to wander....remember the day you were leaving KC to drive to Seattle.

  6. Spinchter, OMG! I didn't dry, but given another 15 or so minutes, I probably would have. As I was driving around, whistling and screaming out the window of the car, I realized that I grabbed only my key, not my driver's license. Now .... he chances of a cop being in this very rural area was probably less than 1%, but I thought, "So I'll probably wreck this truck or someone will call about the insane woman, and they'll sow up." :D

    LA, thanks. I was seriously scared. And you know what? It is a good thing those faces are cute .... that's what saved their little behinds tonight!

    Caroline, as a matter of fact, I did have that talk with them, but I didn't mention "heart attack." I didn't want to make them feel*too* bad.

    OMG, you're right! And China tried to wander a few times while we were in WA, too! Yeah, I guess I attract wandering dogs, period!

  7. Well little lady, with that many kids you are bound for some heart racing moments--though I am SOOOO glad this one ended ok. I hear you about knowing something ain't right--we always seems to lock the cat in some closet or down in the basement . . .then your realize that she isn't there, or the puppy isn't chasing her . . .then it is a search to figure out which door she is behind . . .sheesh. Kids these days!

  8. PS-I clicked the review, then went to comment and then when I came back the click and review was gone . . .

  9. I'm glad they made it home safely. Brandy has gotten away a few times too and I know that is not a good feeling.

  10. Beans, whatever animal isn't where it is supposed to be causes alarm, for sure. But "misplacing" one OUTSIDE is particularly frightening, because you don't know if they can/will find their way home.

    Yeah .... kids these days!

    I'm pretty sure that if you do a back click OR click on "Return to Original Post," the review doesn't show up. I'll check it in a minute. You have to re-enter, through the front door so to speak, by going to my home page again, I think. I'll let ya know.

    Daisy, thanks. No, it is definitely not a good feeling. I suspect every animal, save perhaps those who are terrified of the out-of-doors, get out at least once in their lives. And even one who fears the scary world outside the home walls can be frightened out, too. I remember when Caroline's Ben was scared like that by workers in the house and was outside for several days. It is never fun, but I'm really glad I didn't have to wait days to find them.

  11. OK, it looks like you *can* back click and the review is still there. However, if you click on "return to...." the review bar is gone. Don't know why. So if you need to go back to leave a review, re-enter through the main page again.


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