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Friday, November 14, 2008

Do You Need A Send Off?

If you do, I must have it.

I am getting lots of hits from people searching for "words for send off." Makes me wonder how many people are going away. And where they are going.

Interesting. Strange.

The Kids got a touch-up grooming and a bath yesterday. They are sooooo soft! I love to cuddle them after a bath. And it makes me think about why I don't do it more often. Well, of course, it is because it is messy and hard work! But they feel so good and so do I after the job is done. I used to bathe three dogs every week, and I was still working full time. And I was 15 years younger, so that has a lot to do with it. Anyway, I need to do the bathing more often than monthly, period.

Look at this fluffy little darling!

Help! I've fallen, and I can't get up!

Awww. Look at this sweet face. I think he's dreaming of chewy bones. Or me. :)

When I was clipping their nails, Joey was very wiggly and resistant. I haven't had a problem with any of them doing this in the past. I should have taken that as a sign to leave well enough alone, but I simply plunged ahead, and of course, by now you've guessed what happened. Yes, I cut one too short while trying to wrestle His Royal Wiggleship. Poor boy. He didn't even whimper, but he bled big time. I treated it with styptic and held him, cuddling him, till it stopped. I felt soooo bad! Then I put him down and went on to the next Kid.

When I finished the next one, I discovered that Joey had walked all over the house, leaving spots of blood on carpet and tile .... everywhere! It took me almost an hour to clean the spots, and all the time, I was cursing myself for hurting that sweet baby! I am looking for an alternative! No, not Pedipet (or whatever it is called) .... the vet's tech tried it and says it really sucks. I'm thinking I'll try filing them with a heavy-duty emery board, what the vet tech does with her own dogs. I definitely can't bring myself to clip poor Joey's nails again; he probably won't let me near his paws again, anyway!

He appears to be glowering at me in this photo, but I don't think so. I think he has forgiven me.

OK, I'm hopping in the shower. Y'all have a good weekend!!


  1. The babies are sooooo cute and they look beautiful after their bath. You are lucky that yours are small enuogh that you can just pick them up and put them in the bath. Sophie does not like water and I have only tried to give her a bath once and that was because she found something dead in the yard and it was 10pm. She was not happy about the bath and neither was I. Anyway....they are cute. Sorry to hear about Joey's nail.

  2. OMG-Your joey nail story could have been us with Riley about three weeks ago--except our large boy was much harder to keep controlled while he bled like a banshee. Then we didn't realize but he had run all through the house with his bloody stump . . .

    They do look nice and soft and cuddly!

  3. I have the same story but it has been a while with Sadie. I would get her nail to stop and she would lick it until it started again.

    Lately, I've taken her in for a bath and nail clipping, because we receive a gift card every month for being a part of a research project. I figure that's her payback-being clean and me not clipping her nails. Besides she looks at me like I'm killing her when I bathe her.

  4. Caroline>, they actually don't mind the bath. They aren't crazy about feeling cold until they get dry, however! I try to dry them with the hair dryer so minimize that time.

    I can't imagine wrestling Sophie into the bathtub! That would be quite a sight!

    Beans, I can imagine how tough Riley would have been to try to contain! It surely can make a mess, can't it? Are you going to be brave enough to try it again??

    MJ, Yeah, Joey did the same think, and I had a couple more spots to clean later, but they were small. I definitely have to find an alternative before the next "event"!!!

  5. My friend who does professional grooming and her own boxers use a rechargable drummel that works really well.

  6. Red, I've thought about that possibility. I have one that is variable, and I hope the slowest speed will be manageable. I'll give it a try.

  7. Oh dear - cuteness overload! Bless his heart for not holding a grudge. I nipped our basset hound one time and it scarred me for life. Now only the groomer does Reilly!

  8. Queenie, I've cut various ones before, but never this bad. Joey has the sweetest disposition in the world, so his forgiveness is to be expected. But I'm so glad he did.


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