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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Again, with the Moon!

Gail called me a few mintues ago and said, "Grab your camera and get out side." She couldn't actually see it yet, but the glow of the moon behind the Capitans clued her in that it was coming. Her house is much lower than mine, around 1000 feet, so I could see it right off.

The moon was huge again. and was just over the horizon when I went out. And get a load of the clouds around it in the closer pix!!

Just thought I'd share it with you!! Trés cool, n'est pas??


  1. So very cool! You really should think about selling copies of your photographs. They are spectacular.

  2. WOW, so amazing! I LOVE these shots, you should blow them up and frame them. You just never know what gift the sky will bring. So glad you captured the beauty.

  3. Cheryl, thanks! Daytime, nighttime, it doesn't matter. My skies are amazing. :)

  4. Those pictures are beautiful. You are so lucky. I agree with should really think about selling your prints.

    When I visited you in April 07 I think I was too consumed with grief to notice the beautiful sunsets. I can't wait to come visit again.

  5. I was just thinking that you should sell your prints also.Great pics you wouldnt want an evil dog or a kitten or two would ya. Good photo subjects

  6. Caroline, well, I can't wait for you to visit again, either. So???

    Red, I have enough 4-leggers in the house, thank you very much!!!

  7. Those pictures are INCREDIBLE!!!! The moon was gorgeous here too tonight (I guess we have the same one, huh? LOL)

  8. Wow such great pics!!! I've always loved moon pics and sunset pics.

  9. Lovely!!!
    thanks for coming over
    tis a blessing to have
    blog friends..
    hugs to you

  10. Cheryl, LOL! Last time I checked earthlings have just one moon, but then, you Alabamians might have your own thing going on! Anything you want to share?


    Man, thank you! Me, too. Sunsets(or sunrises) where I live are easy to come by, but great moon pictures are harder to come by. I was thrilled!

    Deena, yes, and to you.

  11. Trés cool, n'est pas??


  12. Jen, :) :) :)

    MQ, thank you, I do too!


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