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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ohhhh, Looka Dis!

I looked out the front window just after 5:00 and my breath was sucked right out of me when I saw the moon rising over the Capitan Mountains. The sunset behind me was refracting into the east sky and on the mountains. And the moon was bright and huge. I know it doesn't look especially big in this pictures, but it was. And it was just gorgeous. So I wanted to share with you.

This morning I had coffee and visited a couple hours with my friend Madeleine. Remember the one who was suddenly and seriously ill with MRSA and lost most of her sight? The one for whom I requested audio books? (and BTW, thank you once again, Daisy) We had a wonderful visit, and made plans for lunch and some errands next week. Her sight is minimally better than it was, but she still has just a slight bit of sight. They are still working on the vision, surgery after surgery, in hopes of restoring enough that she can get around more independently. She will never be able to drive again, but she is quite positive about re-learning to use her artistic skills as a partially sighted person. I'm betting she will do it. She has amazing will!

After that, I drove into Ruidoso for errands. One of the errands was lumber to rebuild my front steps. My friend, Ricky, who put in the dog doors noticed that the stringers that support my steps are getting to be in questionable shape. He wants to replace them for my safety. On Sunday he, Allan and another friend are coming to do just that. So I got the deck screws and lumber today, so we are ready to go.

Another errand was stopping at the vet's office to pick up Ali's cremains. It was sad, but I'm OK. I brought him home and put him with China and Mai Lin. All three of their little boxes are together in a larger one on my dresser. They will stay there for a while. Eventually, I'll do something with the ashes, but I'm not sure what yet. I could scatter them here at home. Or perhaps somewhere else, but this is the only "home" we've had in NM. I could bury the ashes. I could take the ashes elsewhere, but I don't know what "elsewhere" would have significance for me or them. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not in a rush. I just don't have clue what I want, and if you have any thoughts, please share them.

Speaking of Ali .... I'm still having trouble getting to the task of writing a tribute for him. I'll get to it eventually. I didn't expect it to be this hard. Oh well. Life is full of the unexpected, isn't it?

When I got home today, the kids had wrecked the house! I could not believe all they had done! They had been on at least a couple of the tables in the living room, chewed up a candle and dragged around a little rabbit pelt that was cushion for a Native American sculpture and tore it into several pieces! Sammy absolutely ran from me with one piece in his mouth that he didn't want to relinquish! Several toys were on the deck, not a problem, but just a lot to pick up, and my slippers were outside, too. Arghhh. Just when I think I can trust them, they pull something like this! Oh, well. In their defense, they were alone for about six hours, and I'm guessing they got bored. At least they didn't potty in the house, so it isn't all bad!!

Yep, things could be a lot worse, couldn't they? LOL!


  1. Great pictures!

    I have no ideas on the remains....I have three boxes in my closet (moved them with us 6 plus years kitty has been gone for 13 years....) and I have never figured out the "right" thing to do with them. So there they sit. *sigh*

  2. Casey, thanks!

    Your story of moving with the boxes and having them on the closet shelf is exactly why I want to figure out something that works for me. As I said, I'm not is a rush, but 6 years from now ....

  3. As always, the pictures are beautiful!

    We are just starting (again) to leave Brandy out of her crate while we are away. We have had to crate her just for the reason you have just described with your kids. We don't like leaving her in a crate for 6 or 8 hours, but time and time again she would be bad and get into/destroy things. Man thinks she is too old (she is 10) now to get into trouble. We'll see.

    You're more than welcome for the books on audio. I was glad I could help. I have another to send her when I locate all the cds that belong with it.

  4. Daisy, they have done so well without the crates, but this is the first time for that long. I need to give more consideration to the time frame, obviously.

    Thanks about the pix, and also on the book. She is avidly exhausting the local libraries, and is now on the State Library for the Blind list so she is getting books there. She is adapting well with help from organizations that assist and support vision impaired. I'm so impressed with her resiliency. Quite a lady. :)

  5. I love the pictures and I am so jealous that you get to see that everyday.

    I will have to think about an idea for the remains. I think it should be something unique for each of them.

    Wow on what the dogs did while they were out of their crate. I guess this shows they are not ready for the responsibility of being left out by themself. :)

  6. Caroline, I know, I'm so lucky.

    Well, we are definitely on a more limited period of freedom now!!

  7. Great pics as usual. How about a doggie park for the ashes or their favorite part of the yard. Sounds like peppers day when I dont kennell her.

  8. Luynilu- I'm so glad to hear you go through the same thing as I do. Sadie is loving her kennel and we are glad we finally got it.

    The Pictures are awesome...make me think of driving through NM this summer around sunrise.

  9. Redfrog, thanks for the suggestions. Kennels ... very good things that save puppy/parent relationships!

    MJ, it's odd how most of them learn to love their own space and even crave it. Very good thing!

    Sunrise, sunset .... just depends on the direction you're headed, but both are beautiful.

  10. You could get a pretty urn, a friend has her white german shephard in an urn in the shape of a.... white german shephard. I've never had ashes to deal with because we've always buried ours at my parents.

  11. MQ, that's a good idea. Sadly, my friend who just died was in the business of crematory urns. He actually was with me when I bought the little box that I've put all three of their little boxes in.

    We buried our darlings in KC, but I started the cremation here because we didn't have a permanent home when ML died. I want the three of them to be together in some way. I'll go back to burying the new ones, now that we have a home again.


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