These are random musings of my life journey, the people, animals, places, and events which have woven, and continue to weave, a tapestry that is me. We all know there is no real destination, only the ongoing experiences which blend together, creating the trail. Each step gives a glimpse of what is to come, without allowing me to see the end result. It is exciting. I have a home base that is mine, that gives me a place to rest. This is it. This is where my heart is, no matter where I journey...................

Monday, November 10, 2008

Especially for ....

.... Caroline!!!

Taken just minutes ago!!


  1. You are such a tease. I am not sure what is worse...the fact that I know it's snowing there or the fact that it's snowing there and I know you are able to stay home in the warmth with some hot coca. You have a good life.

  2. Well, if it makes you feel any better, it is almost all gone now. It keeps snowing or sleeting off and on, but the temp is in the low 40s now. It probably won't last the day.

    On the other hand, I have hot tea(not cocoa), and four cuddly furries! But I will have to go out for a brief time later. :(

  3. It's supposed to snow here today too! It seems cold enough, for sure- no more roses this year.


  4. Betty, I think this is going to be a long, cold, wet winter. Yep, no more roses!!

  5. I have more snow and by the time lake erie is done with us almost a foot. The kids found a wholly catapillar no brown at all that means an evil winter. And I share your pet peeve. If your going to speak english speak it correctly including the word data .

  6. redfrog--i wish i lived where you do.

  7. I'm fine with snow and love to play in it but hate driving in it.

  8. Red, I love snow, but I wouldn't like the amounts you sometimes get! My stepdaughter lived in upstate NY for a year or so, and her stories about snow were just awful!

    Caroline, oh, yeah, you would!

    MJ, I like to watch the snow, walk in the snow, but these days I'm not such a fan of "playing" in it. I don't mind driving in it as long as everyone else stays off the road!! LOL!

  9. Katie texted me it snowed in MN too. Y'all can have it. For now - anyway!!!


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