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Monday, November 10, 2008

Magic Bowls

This would never happen at my house .....

My Kids all know the bowl is not magic. As soon as I touch their food bowls, they follow me everywhere until I put the filled bowls on the floor for them. They do, however, think that I'm magic to refill the bowls over and over!


  1. Flopsy has gotten used to eating twice a day. She thinks it's a magic bowl - I'm not sure I get the credit for filling it :)

  2. I have one magic bowl fan, and one pup so timid that I have to coax her to eat.

    Poor baby has stomach problems and thinks food hurts sometimes.

    We have her on acid reflux meds now, so its getting better day by day.

    But Ive gotta tell ya, it breaks my heart to see her hide and run from the kitchen when I fix the food.

    Of course her brother thinks thats just fine with him...he has sensitive skin and needs steriods when the pollen is high, and those meds make him want to eat like a horse!

  3. Annie, isn't it fun to watch them appreciate the magic? :)

    Kel-Bell, oh, I'm sorry to hear about the tummy problems. One of my now-gone babies had some tummy problems for a while, and those meds did miracles for him. I hope she has a fast healing period. Bro will be sad when her tummy returns to normal, won't he? LOL!

  4. Reilly doesn't care but the cats think their bowl must magically refill at all times!

  5. MQ, cats tend to have an agenda of their own, don't they? :D


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