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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Weekend

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty good. I'll start with the not-so-good stuff. My dogs, oh, my dogs.

On Friday, I left The Kids out for a very short time while I ran to the dumpster and the mailbox. I was gone about a half hour. I came back, and didn't see a problem at all. Whew.

Buuuuuuut ......

A few minutes later I noticed something amiss. Do you remember the white rabbit pelt that they messed up a few days ago? I had put the remaining piece, about eight inches square, back under the little statue, but it was not there. The statue was tipped over and the white fur missing. I looked around the house and wasn't surprised that I didn't find it because so many toys and other things get taken outside.

I walked the back yard and didn't find it. I walked the deck, and it wasn't there, either! Huh? So I retraced my steps again, looking under the bed, behind furniture inside and out, but nothing. I decided that they might have dropped it off the deck and when I didn't find it on the ground, I thought perhaps a neighborhood animal had dragged it off. I was exasperated, but gave up looking.

I found it!! Uh, yeah, one of the dogs, probably Sam since he eats everything, is pooping white furry poop!

Then Friday night I was watching TV in the living room and at the same time, Joey, Max and I heard something. I muted the TV, and didn't hear anything. Joey looked at me as if he were saying, "What was it?" Just as I was ready to un-mute it, there was the sound again. I thought I had a mouse chewing through a cardboard package or something of the sort. So I walked as quietly as I could toward the kitchen and pantry area, but it stopped. I paused, waited. It started again and so did I. As I rounded the corner, there was ..... wanna guess?

Sam. Sam chewing on .... wanna guess?

A shoe.

Earlier I had been wearing sandals, and I simply tossed them in the closet and shut the door. I noticed that one sandal had slid where the toe was partially showing under the door. But it wasn't sticking out, just showing. The back of the sandal is thick, so it would not come under the door. Or so I thought. Obviously the little monster managed to get it out somehow, 'cause the strap across the toe was completely gone. Completely. That's the third pair of shoes destroyed by Mr. Shark Teeth. If I didn't love him so much, I would seriously give him to Caroline. But he is such a sweet little guy and warms my heart beyond description, so no, Caroline, you may not have him.

Saturday was a weird day. I cleaned house and worked on a couple projects of repair, and early afternoon, all the sudden I was over come with sadness for about an hour and a half. For whatever reason, all the people I love who have passed away were on my mind, and I was really weepy. I thought about my parents, my Gramma, my husband, and several friends, and I was just unable to get them off my mind. I finally got into a nice hot shower and began to feel better. I don't know what it was, but I'm glad it's gone!

Saturday night was another dance lesson, and while I'm still not anything close to "good" as yet, I'm feeling more comfortable and getting smoother. I'm picking up on new steps more quickly, I'm making far fewer mistakes. When I dance with the instructor, I do well. His lead is firm, not overpowering, just strong and easy to follow. When I dance with others, it is more difficult. One man, a friend of mine, is a very good dancer, but his lead is soft; I have fumble-feet more often with him. A couple others are firmer in their lead, but without the skill and expertise of the instructor, I still have some challenge. But it is good. I'm certainly improved. Aaron (teacher) said last night that I'm easy to teach and my rhythm and follow is excellent. Confidence is returning. :) And the best thing .... I really had fun last night!

Today was a good day. Ricky, who put in the dog doors, came over, and with another friend, Russ, and my stepson, Allan and myself, rebuilt the front steps. The original steps are still there, but we flipped them over so that the underside, more or less protected from weather, is now on top. I will have to replace them in the future, probably next year or the year after that, but for now, they will work well. New stringers or risers were put underneath. The old ones were breaking down, and the steps felt a little "soft." Now they feel wonderful! They are solid and safe. It didn't take as long as we expected, and then we had a bowl of chili that I made this morning and left cooking while we worked.

So .... my weekend was pretty good, all things considered. At least till spring when I need the sandals that have gone inside the little mutt! :)


  1. Sounds like it was a really good weekend!!

    Those dogs are something else! :-)

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying your dancing classes. I think it's great that you decided to go out and do this. I know dancing is something you really enjoy doing.

    Who needs cable TV when you have your dogs?? :)

  3. Cheryl, it was, and they are!!

    Caroline, me, too! It was a good decision to take lessons.

    Yeaaaaaah. Why am I paying for entertainment? It's right hear in my own 3 rings!!!

  4. Sam the shoe man.......

    Lulu is a bra and book dog. She can tip over the laundry basket and she always drags out my bra. I can wrap them in plastic and put them on the bottom of the basket and she will find them every time.

    Dogs..... gotta love em.

  5. Pepper, thank goodness Sam hasn't learned how to get into the hamper, because he likes bras, too. I can't leave them anywhere that he can reach, including anywhere that he can jump and grab! Yes, ya gotta love 'em or they would have very short lives!!

  6. Hey, Pepper, I just realized that my dog likes leather and lace. Does that make him officially "kinky"???? LOL!!!

  7. Lyn....just give up....get those kids some old shoes from a consignment store or a yard sale and let them go to it. Your stories are hilarious, and sooooo entertaining. Every dog has his day - right?


  8. Ruth, the only drawback with giving them some old shoes is that it doesn't break the bad habit. I did think of that. The good this is that I do have delightful (??) stories to tell, don't I? LOL!

  9. Really, men lead when you dance. Hmm, I never quite got that hang of that part of dancing.

    I'm glad Sadie is not a shoe chewer, I never seem to get all my shoes put away.

  10. MJ, LOL! Well, as long as you both agree on who is leading, then it is OK, I suppose!

    I used to be bad about leaving my whoes around, but I'm getting better out of necessity!! Perhaps I should be thankful for that help in being tidy!


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