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Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Movies

Someone sent this to me, but I forget who. If it was you, THANKS, 'cause this brought me a lot of chuckles!

My Wife Thinks You're Dead


OK, this one is shamelessly stolen from Jenster's Musings. But you see, I HAD to swipe it because when I saw it at her place, I was impelled to play it over and over (about 5-6 times, I think!!) because it is so dang cute!

What do you think is going through the head of this little guy???? LOL!!!


This one is about Canadian research on the Wood Spider. Fascinating.

Ruth, I'm glad it was your Canadian $$, not US $$ spent on that!!! LOL!! Oh, lawdy, that one was too much!!


  1. Daisy, you got that, did you!? LOL!!

  2. OMG I always wondered how the Wood Spider spent his day...had no idea he was high on LSD. I saw the one with the little boy and laughed so hard....thats hilarious. I really wanted to forward it to a few friends but have no idea how to do it. Any hints from the peanut gallery? There have been many that I wanted to send on......


  3. Ruth, I've sent you an email.

  4. WHaaaaaat a spider is high on LSD..? Bizarre!

  5. MQ, LOL! Well, sure! Have you never shared your LSD with the wood spider?? Whassamatta U????


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