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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Fixed It!

I fixed the problem. For now. I will still need to decide about the photo service, but for now I have room for photos.

I realized that all the Sunday Funnies and Monday Movies take up a lot of space and basically have no historical value, so I eliminated the back issues of those posts. Voila!!!

However, after getting all that done, I'm too tired to do a real post, so just the pictures.

Jaz found the futon in the guest room, and she thinks it's hers.

The other night I was watching a PBS program about the wolf, and the animal noises on it were fascinating to the pups.

Joey was getting a close look and Sam was his backup.

Then Max rook a gander.

And Sam decided to take a closer look.

They were like this throughout the whole hour. I guess they don't like wolves!

They love a new spot in the office where they can watch out the window in comfort. Joey is my most frequent companion there.

Night, y'all!


  1. At least you will be alerted well in advance to any wolves moving into your neighborhood.

  2. Trooper Thorn, Yes, I will! And coyotes. And deer. And rabbits. And birds. And leaves falling.

    Oh, wait .... Perhaps I need to un-alarm them. If the wolf is the 2-legged kind ......

    hee hee!!

    Thanks for dropping by!


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