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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hump Day History

This Day In History - November 26

  • 399 St Siricius ends his reign as Catholic Pope

  • 579 Pelagius II begins his reign as Catholic Pope

  • 1703 Bristol England damaged by hurricane, Royal Navy loses 15 warships

  • 1716 1st lion exhibited in America (Boston)

  • 1778 Capt Cook discovers Maui (Sandwich Islands)

  • 1789 The first national Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. was proclaimed by President George Washington

  • 1793 Republican calendar replaces Gregorian calendar in France

  • 1825 1st college fraternity founded (Kappa Alpha (Union College, NY))

  • 1832 1st streetcar railway in America starts operating (NYC)

  • 1841 1st date in James Clavell's novel Tai-Pan

  • 1861 At Wheeling, a convention adopts a constitution for new state West Virginia

  • 1865 Alice in Wonderland published

  • 1868 1st baseball game played in enclosed field in San Francisco, at 25th & Folsom

  • 1885 1st meteor photograph

  • 1895 Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association formed

  • 1896 1st large indoor football game, U of Chicago beats U of Michigan 7-6

  • 1896 A.A. Stagg of U Chicago creates the football huddle

  • 1922 Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon became the first to enter the tomb of King Tutankhamen (Tut) since it was sealed in 1323 B.C.

  • 1924 Mongolian People's Republic proclaimed

  • 1940 The Nazis began to force Warsaw's Jews to live in a walled ghetto.1941 Amateur tennis champ Bobby Riggs turns pro

  • 1941 Lebanon gains independence from France

  • 1945 During snow storm, school bus crashes, killing 15 (Washington)

  • 1949 India adopts a constitution as a British Commonwealth Republic

  • 1950 China entered the Korean War.1962 1st recording session under the name "Beatles"

  • 1965 France launches 1st satellite, 92 lb (42 kg) A1-capsule (Asterix)

  • 1966 1st major tidal power plant opens at Rance estuary, France

  • 1969 Creams' final concert (Royal Albert Hall)

  • 1972 Pete Gogolak scores NY Giant record 8 pts after a touchdown

  • 1973 Nixon's personal sec, Rose Mary Woods, tells a federal court she accidentally caused part of 18-minute gap in a key Watergate tape

  • 1974 Approximately 140 die when suspension bridge collapses (Nepal) 1975 Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson, was found guilty of trying to assassinate President Ford.1976 Ringo releases "Hey Baby" single

  • 1978 10 die as fire erupts at Holiday Inn in Rochester, NY

  • 1980 Columbia mated to SRBs & external tank at Vehicle Assembly Building

  • 1982 Clyde King named Yankee manager

  • 1982 Yasuhiro Nakasone elected PM of Japan succeeding Zenko Suzuki

  • 1982 Howard Cossell calls his last fight after being disgusted by the Larry Holmes-Tex Cobb mismatch

  • 1983 Heathrow Airport, robbed of 6,800 gold bars worth $38.7 million

  • 1984 John W Mercom Jr announces NO Saints are up for sale
    for $75 million
  • 1985 23rd Space Shuttle Mission (61-B)-Atlantis 2-is launched

  • 1988 Alexander Volkov, Sergei Krikalev and Jean-Loup Chretien launch

  • 1988 Pioneer 6's closest approach to Earth since 1965 launch (1.87 M km)

  • 1990 Buffalo Bills become 6th 1st place NFL team to lose on same weekend

  • 1990 Matsushita purchases MCA for $6.6 billion

  • 1990 Mikhail Gorbachev tells Iraq to get out of Kuwait

  • 1991 Condoms are handed out to thousands of NY High School students

  • 1998 Tony Blair became the first British prime minister to speak to the Irish parliament.

  • 2000 Katherine Harris certified George W. Bush the winner in Florida's presidential balloting.

Boy, that last one was a dark day in today's history, wasn't it? ~~s~h~u~d~d~e~r~~


  1. Cheryl, thanks! I merged three lists together, and it was interesting to see it.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you Lyn, and to your blog friends and your lurkers.

  3. Dammit forgot to say from whom LOL I cant expect you to recognize the accent, because WE dont have one lol


  4. LOL, Ruth, I saw the first message, and wondered which of my lurkers wanted me to play guessing games!! Thank you for the holiday wishes, and back to you, even though you northerners have already had yours! No accent, huh? Ooooookay! ;D

  5. Happy turkey day all I love the trivia!!!!

  6. That last one, yeah -- {{shudder}}

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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