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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Only In My World!

So how was your Thanksgiving? Mine, in keeping with my usual, uh, flair was exciting. Wonderful, but exciting.

I had a wee event at my house. Just a few friends coming over, and everyone was bringing something, so my load was lightened. The pies were done early. I got the turkey in right on time, and everything was lined up perfectly for it's turn in the oven or for mixing. I slid the ham in the oven to warm and about 15 minutes later, the oven began smoking! The turkey juices were running all over the oven, rolling out smoke, and very close to actually flaming!

When I opened the oven door to check it out, huge clouds of smoke roiled out! The smoke alarm began screeching. Then the carbon monoxide alarm began it's own screaming! The whole house was immediately filled with acrid, burning smoke, and I couldn't turn off either one while the smoke was that heavy.

I turned off the oven and took the ham and turkey out. The next 45 minutes were taken up with me alternately opening windows, locating a fan to help clear the air and turning off, over and over and over, the smoke detector and the carbon monoxide detector! The dogs simply gave up and went outside, peering in with trepidation. My eyes were burning like crazy, and I could hardly breathe. When I could breathe again, I could finally begin to sort out what was the problem with the turkey. Well, for the first time ever, I bought one of those aluminum pans to cook the turkey, thinking it would be 1 less thing to wash. But the blasted thing was leaking from a crack or hole that I could not find. Rats.

I cleaned up the bottom of the oven, grumbling, eyes still stinging from the smoke. It was a mess, and of course, I couldn't get it all up, just enough to keep it from making another mess. I'm really glad it is a self-cleaner, and tomorrow, it is getting self-cleaned!

I put the turkey back in the oven, now in a proper roasting pan. OK, I'm behind schedule by this time. AND .... the turkey would simply not get done!! I'm guessing that the slight cool-down threw off the timing. I don't know, but in addition to making up the time it was out of the oven, it took an additional hour to reach the right temperature!

We finally gave up, started dinner with the ham, potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, a crisp salad, creamed corn, roasted brussel sprouts, and delicious rolls from a local eatery. Then we added turkey to our plates when it was done. It was an odd meal in timing, but everything was delicious!

Dessert was awesome! I've never cared much for pumpkin pie, so I made sweet potato pies, one friend brought pumpkin bread pudding, and another brought eggnog flan. Groooooooooan.

Don't you wish you be at my house and be included in all my fun???

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Sounds yummy! Always eventful . . .though I hate when unexpected things happen. Our food was basic, and good. Though we had ordered pies from the farmers market that were supposed to be really good . . .and after having a small piece of each, it left me wanting for something yummy. We also determined that perhaps the apple and pumpkin pie needed to be refrigerated . . .

    lots of lessons learned for this year! glad yours ended well!

  2. Sorry to hear about your smokey mess. But glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Our Thanksgiving was very nice. We had 14 for dinner then Oldest Daughter and her crew came for desert. It was good to have everyone here, but we are glad to have it behind us.

  3. Well, it does sound exciting, but not the kind you want on a day people are coming for Thanksgiving. Glad you made the most of it and had a special day with friends. That is what it is all about anyway.

    Oh, and thank God for self cleaning ovens!!

  4. Beans, I hope you had whipped cream for the pies, you know, *something* enjoyable! It is disappointing to try a new place like that and have a flop.

    As for me, I am SOOOOO lucky that I didn't have a serious fire! Yes, lessons learned!

    Daisy, your last sentence sums it up well for many of us. Wouldn't miss it, glad it's over!

  5. Cheryl, oh, yes! I would really be hating this morning if I didn't have the self-cleaning oven!!

  6. Sounds like it was a wonderful day. I am so glad that you had lots of good friends to spend the holiday with. Sorry to hear about the turkey, but it sounds like it turned out just fine.

    Do you remember Thankgiving of 2000? I remember coming over to your house that night and you, me and Glenn all watched ER. I was excited because they had a storyline with one of the Dr's being a lesbian and that was right when I was really questioning whether or not I was gay. Anyway, almost every Thankgiving I think back to that year and the three of us sitting around watching ER, eating leftovers and playing dominoes.

  7. You know what...I was thinking and we didn't start playing dominoes until I have no idea why I thought we were playing back in 2000. Anyway...

  8. Caroline, yeah, it turned out better than fine. :)

    Now, on that other thing ..... first, I have to say your memory sometimes scares me!! We started playing dominoes SOMETIME IN THE PAST by my memory!!! Lawdy, girl! If you say it was 2002, then it probably was, but I'm still scared!! LOL!!

    We did have some good times, didn't we? Dominoes were the best, though. You were merciless at times! Happy memories. :) I miss you being my neighbor. :')

  9. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Well, except for the turkey part but hey, that is not important. Being with friends is what matters.

  11. Oh, MY!!!! Somehow I knew you'd have a Thanksgiving sounds very fun, tasty and exciting. Kind of like each and every day of your life....


  12. (M)ary, it was .... and it is!!

    Betty, LOL! I always do have a story, don't I? I can't complain. :)

  13. Hey... never a dull moment in Lynilu's world! LOL

  14. MQ, a friend like me can make you feel really normal, right? LOL!


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