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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Magic Spot

Get your heads outta the gutter. Not THAT spot! I'm talking about a special place in my house.

Do you remember this picture of China? I posted about it back in February.

I wasn't sure why she was sitting in the doorway of the bedroom watching me. She sat right there, over to the side watching me. I finally decided she was telling me it was time for bed.

Well, several times lately, I've found one of the boys, usually Joey, sitting right in that spot and watching me in the kitchen or living room. I didn't have pictures because the camera is never handy at the time, so I was delighted that I got this one yesterday morning. But I'm wondering .... what is it about that site? Yes, they can see me from there, but there are other places around the house where they would have the essentially same view.

My kids. Interesting little ones and really keep me jumping, thinking, wondering.


  1. Don't ya just wish you could get in there head and hear what they are thinking. I bet we would be surprised.

  2. MJ, indeed, I do. Although, at time, it might be awfully good that we can't!! LOL!

  3. Maybe they are secretly afraid of the tile.

    I miss China, but Joey sure is a cutie pie.

  4. Caroline, welllll. I don't think so, judging by how they all have liked stretching out on that tile. Well, except for Ali. He wasn't fond of it. I almost took a picture earlier of the four of them asleep on the tile. They formed a little square! The camera was on the other side of the square, and I woke them when I tried to gently step around them.

    You know, personality-wise, Joey is a near replacement for China. He is generally quiet and calm, a good cuddler.

  5. Yes I was going to say what MJ did, i'd love to get inside their heads and see what they are thinking. I bet we would be surprised!


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