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Tuesday, November 04, 2008







Oh, boy, what a night!!! We had our potluck tonight here at my house so we could watch the returns and root and hoot! And we did! We thought we would be up until the wee hours before we knew for sure about the results. But happily the results were in by about 9:15 our time, it was a done deal.

I was pleased with McCain's speech. He was gracious and voiced his support for the President-elect, and to his credit, he shushed the people in the crowd who booed about his loss. As he said, and I said in an earlier post today .... we need to pull together as a nation and be one people. We simply must.

I plan to be gracious with my friends who supported McCain. The contest is over and it is time for us to put that behind us and join forces. If people don't choose to join, so be it, but I will not rub anyone's nose in the facts. It is what it is. They know it and I don't need to tell them.

I'm very happy that my choice of candidate is headed for the White House. I'm extremely proud that a black man will be in the White House for the next four years. This moves the United States of America ahead by several years (decades?) in the political arena. I feel that we have finally joined the 21st century. I hope the next months and years will bring back some of the stability we've known in the past.

I'm going to sleep well tonight. I hope all of you will, too. :)

Life is really beautiful!!!!


  1. Wow. This feels good. I am proud of our country.
    I saw the numbers for your state, I bet THAT feels good....

  2. Well... He wasn't my candidate but I'm not terribly disappointed. I didn't have passionate feelings about either. My biggest concern will be the overwhelming Democratic power (Senate & President). As a moderate conservative (Lord help us aganst the right wing) that feels a little scary. But if they are all moderate liberals than I'm good. lol

    I do think it's awesome that we have a Black president and I'm appalled at the people (and I know there were plenty) who didn't vote for him simply because he's not white. Stupid, ignorant people.

    There's no sense in lamenting the choice of president. Like you say, it is what it is. What does make sense is supporting our Commander in Chief. I will pray for him daily just like I would have prayed for McCain.

    Now that I've taken up all this space I'm going to go make coffee. :o)

    Thanks again for all your posts. They were great food for thought. I obviously didn't agree with all of them, but I sure did appreciate them.

  3. Oh wait. No coffee yet. Just one more thing to say. I do have concerns other than a "Super Democrat Power" with Obama as president. But to be fair I would have had different concerns if McCain had made office.

    Don't know why I felt the need to say that, but I did. :o)

    Alright. NOW I'm off to make coffee.

  4. Congrats Lyn - you worked hard for this victory. I was just watching on Canada AM all the victory parties last night in the local bars and pubs - all cheering and applauding. Not too sure how many McCain supporters here in Canada -they didnt get any coverage that I saw. Wonderful days for the USA.


  5. My sentiments exactly... just put into a much more eloquent form. ;-)

    Brooklyn slept well last night. After most of my neighborhood danced in the streets (no kidding!) we slept well knowing that hope reigns again.

  6. It was a good night--lots of hard work on a ton of people's parts. It is great to see such hope and excitement again. They said today on the morning show that he has impossible standards to live up to, and that we will all need to remember what is feasible and reasonable given where we are. I liked what he said in his speech that it may takes years, even a whole term to make sense of the current state of affairs. And of course, how about the puppy promise--I hope they go to the local SPCA and rescue one . . .why not be a trendsetter there as well. Congrats!

  7. Julie, oh, yes!

    Jen, I've considered myself a moderate liberal, but many friends and relatives have dubbed me otherwise. That's why I put up the JFK quote. If that's what being a liberal means, I'm proud to be one. I still think I'm closer to the center than some think I am.

    Thank goodness we can have and express our different views! It's a very good thing, and helps to keep the balance! It's OK with me if you disagree. :)

    Ruth, FYI, the early reports on voter turnout that I've found this AM are between 65% and 72%. That's better than any since 1908, it is reported. However, until we reach >90%, it still isn't good enough, IMO. Thanks for your support. I hope this bodes as well as the world expects; he has a huge job ahead of him.

    Melissa, yes, HOPE, in capital letters, I think. But a tough task for him. What a mess he has inherited. I hope he is as strong as I believe he is.

    Beans, he does have a hard path ahead of him. I think he is pretty realistic about it, and I hope his cabinet is filled with strong people. He's gonna need every bit of support he can get, but I think he can do it. And YES! Adopt a pound puppy!!

  8. I'm very proud for him!!!! I will now set myself to praying for him. He has a tough job.

    I was also impressed with McCain's speech and attitude. Very classy. And Obama's speech was so inspiring!

  9. It feels good to feel like I can breathe again - though I think I was too excited to get much sleep last night. Obama's speech was inspiring and amazing and together - WE CAN DO THIS!!!

    Congratulations to us all. This is a step in the right direction to be sure.

  10. YEAH BABY!!! Right now, I'm still kinda in shock! It's all very surreal. How awesome to witness history in the making.

    And I must say, McCains speech was VERY tactful, tasteful and also surreal. I was actually proud of him for all he had to say last night.


  11. Cheryl, I agree, all the way through!

    Casey, yes, yes! It is definitely a step in the right direction, but we all need to continue to work on step after step after step. We can not become complacent!

    Dawn, quite a day, quite a moment in history! Yes, both speeches were thoughtful and inspiring. We must continue forward!

  12. Lyn,
    I admit I wasn't excited about either candidate. I both liked and disliked some things about both.
    Now that Obama has won, I am behind him. I really hope he does a good job. How well he does will affect politics in this country for decades if not for the next century. If he does well, he will be paving the way for more minorities (and women) to successfully run for high offices. If he fails, it will be a huge setback.

  13. S3, I would NOT want to be in his shoes. His job will be daunting for sure, and all the current circumstances just make it that much worse. Yes, I agree ... he is the "make it or break it" candidate. I hope he can level our lives to a livable pace again.

  14. I think America made a GAAA REAT choice! (said in my best tony the tiger voice!)

  15. MQ, I agree. That probably surprises you because I'm so private about my political views. ;D


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