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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I got pictures!

When I drove to Alamogordo last week, I was enjoying the wide, wide blue skies with just small wispy clouds above the Sacremento Mountains and the desert between me and the horizon.

And driving home, there was a puffy cloud over the Sierra Blanca. Beautiful skies!

The other night as I sat in bed watching the news, the dogs were scattered over the foot of the bed. I was surprised that I was able to slip out of bed, get the camera and return without them moving. They must have been tired!

Jazmyn and Sam are on their backs with their little front paws up in the air.

Look at that little girl!

And the littlest boy!

Max is curled up pretty normally.

As is Joey.

I cracked up when I noticed that Sammy had cocked one eye open to see what I was doing!

Jazi was sleeping with one eye slightly open, and look at those fangs!!

Oops! The flash disturbed her! A second later, she was back to sleep. Funny girl!

Dang, I'm lucky! Blue skies and furry buddies.


  1. Wow--those are some really cute fur balls you have. Much cuter when they sleep like then when my tank of a boy sleeps up side down like that!

  2. Beans, smaller furballs retain that "cute factor" a little better than the larger ones, I think. These kids will look like "puppies" for the rest of their lives. Your GS is already beginning to look like a protector-type. Not to say that he isn't cute, he's just BIG and cute!!

  3. Thanks for a snapshot of almost home. lol My daddy used to work at White Sands Missile Base, which I think is actually in Alamogordo.

    And the kids are, as usual, adorable!

    I'm headed out to run some errands and I'm taking the camera because I'll be going through Valley Forge. Maybe I'll post those pictures later!

  4. Awww my first visit here in ,what, a week and I get furry cuteness! Will catch up with your other posts later. I'm a smiling girl today!

  5. Oh my goodness, what amazing pictures. Your "kids" are SO stinkin CUTE!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jenster, yes, the White Sands and the missile base are just west and north of Alamogordo.

    I'll be over to see photos later!

    Cheryl, thank you!!

    Queenie, I'm glad you're smiling! See, I helped with the pup pix!!

    Dawn, thanks, I think so, but I will admit to being biased where my fur-babies are concerned!

  7. Again....I am in love with Sammy. I love to see how far he's come considering how scared he was of everything just a few months ago.

  8. Caroline, he has made remarkable progress, for sure. He has been here for just 5 months, and he is a different dog.

    No, you may not have him. No, no, no. NO!!

  9. I am sorry but Sammy has stolen my heart.

    I wish I could sleep that way.

  10. IE, he has that effect on many people. Even me! :D


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