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Friday, November 28, 2008

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow and.... well, heck, All Of It

My lunch .... boy, was it good! Linda was Martha Stewart for today. It was simple, but very, very good. I had the excellent rolls here, along with turkey. She brought other ingredients. She made a spread of mashed avocado and blue cheese and layered it on a mini sandwich with the turkey, bacon, and tomatoes. Yummmmmmm! Boy, was it good! She said that Martha put a fried egg on it, too, but she decided against that, and it suited me. We decided that it would have been good to put a thin slice of onion on it, too.

We had a great visit. She stayed a couple hours and just we talked and laughed together. She even did the dishes, although I have a dishwasher. Nice gesture. We made plans to make a trip to Albuquerque next week. We want to hit Trader Joe's and WholeFoods, as well as some other places that we don't have here. We'll make a day of it. Our mini roadtrips are always fun and I'm looking forward to it.

Tonight Linda and I are going to a holiday party at one of the galleries. Actually we are doing two galleries. One is having a big holiday sale, and although we will be very unlikely to buy anything, we thought we'd stick our heads in, say hello, and then go to the party. I didn't go to the holiday party last year, and I hear it is always a good one. I'm looking forward to it. Good food and some wine can't be beat, and then you throw in the fun of seeing friends, and it's a sure winner!

And tomorrow night, I'm goin' dancing again!


  1. Seriously- every day in your life is unbelievable! That lunch sounds soooo scrumptious.

    And a party tonight!!?? I am speechless!


  2. Betty, my life is actually rather ordinary, but I enjoy it and try to make the most of it. I guess it is part of that lemon/lemonade theory; I chose to make it as good as possible and to enjoy it as much as I can. There are things missing in my life, but I don't dwell on it. Life is just too short to do otherwise. :)

  3. I love the frozen fish from Trader Joe's. They have that Three Buck Chuck wine too. Best wine for the price.

    That sandwich sounded good but I'm wary of the calories. The scale hasn't been too friendly to me, especially since Thanksgiving.

  4. Thank goodness for great friends!!!!

  5. Dave, I can't wait to get to TJ and WF!

    The sandwich is one of those things you eat once in a while. That way the calories don't really count, right?

    Daisy, oh yes!!!!

  6. You need to share with your blogger friends why there is so much silence on your blog. hehe

  7. Huh? What? Is someone talking? There is an echo in here! Hmmm.

    Actually, my absence is caused by several things, and I'll be back to 'splain later! Right now, I gotta go dancin'!! First things first!

  8. Man I wish I had a big splashy holiday party to attend. I have a fabby dress and heels that I have never worn! Maybe Valentines....

  9. Patti, make your own fabby party!!


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