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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Bosque del Apache Pictures

As promised .....


lynilu/Bosque del Apache



  1. This is an incredible shot. What kind of birds are these again? Some type of crane, you say?

  2. Dave, I'm not sure how to answer your question .... I assume you are asking about the "cover picture." If so those are snow geese, but if you click on that picture, you will see the album of photos, and there are several of whooping cranes in flight.

    The preserve is a hangout for several kinds of cranes, herons, ducks, geese, eagles, hawks, etc. I think I captured most of those on this trip, but they are scattered throughout over 800 photos. I tried to get a variety in this album. I hope you come back and check out the others.

    Kathi, thank you!

  3. Snow geese here. We have Canadian Geese in Michigan but I'm not too fond of them. Pushy, messy birds. And they're in no hurry to fly south either.

    I clicked on this at home and couldn't get to see the other pictures. Not sure why. Works fine here at work though.

  4. Dave, there are both snow geese and Canadian geese at the preserve, but the snow geese are the ones that are amazing to watch in flight. I honestly don't know what kind of citizens they are, 'cause I only see them flying or on the water. I'll pretend they don't drop poo or peck like their Canadian cousins!

    Glad you were able to see the pix .... somewhere!


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