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Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Day at the Bosque

I spent yesterday as planned, driving about 90 miles to the little town of San Antonio, NM**, where I had lunch with The Guy. Yes, that The Guy. I decided to invite him to lunch since I was going to be at a place sorta close to his home, just to see what happened. Turns out, he was majorly embarrassed by how he had handled things before and was trying to figure out how to mend fences, so welcomed the opportunity to apologize. Over lunch he explained a couple things that had happened, and said he should have called but didn't know quite how to say what he needed to. Without a lot of detail, he had some legitimate disruptions in his life, tried to figure out what to say to me, and as time wore on he found himself in a downward spiral of woulda/coulda/shoulda. He just gave up, thinking he had blown any chance to be friends.

I accepted (all of) his (numerous) apologies, and after that, we had a nice lunch. Actually, better than nice. We lingered with coffee for another hour, talking and laughing. It was really fun. We found several common interests, some being an interest in nature, and a curiosity about Indian ruins, history and culture. I really enjoy his company and think a friendship very possible.

After lunch we went to the tourist center at the wildlife preserve and browsed the books in the gift shop for a while. Then he headed home and I continued to the preserve where I took over a thousand pictures. Yes, you read that right! I got some good shots, but I was disappointed in the sunset colors. The photos are still downloading, so I'll see how they are later on.

While waiting for the descension flight of the cranes at sunset, a man was using a tree limb in attempt to pull something out of the water near the observation deck. I couldn't figure out what it was at first, but realized it was a stuffed toy belonging to his little grandson, about 3 years old. I walked over to ask if he would be interested in using a long handled "grabber" I carry in the car, and he said yes. I wasn't sure it was long enough, but it was. Just barely, but it worked. The little boy was delighted to have his toy back, even though he looked at the sopping thing with suspicion! His mom and I told him it would be OK after it got cleaned and dried, and he accepted it.

I spent about four hours driving around the preserve and at the observations decks. It was a good day, cool but not cold, and nicely sunny for photography. As the sun set behind the mountains, I left the preserve along with dozens of others, and headed home. In the last two of the eight miles back into the little town, I noticed that the truck was handling oddly, kinda mushy feeling, but figured it was the road, a narrow county road. I decided to stop and get a snack at a little store before heading home, and it is good I did. One of my tires was flat!

Fortunately there was a little garage next to the store, and "Salvador" had not left for the evening. He charged just $10 to change the tire, but I handed him a $20 for staying late, making both of us very happy! I could have called AAA, but it was worth the case to not have to wait at that time of evening with an hour and a half drive ahead of me.

I got home later that I planned, of course. After I was greeted (read that "mauled") by The Kids and heard the new winged babies twitter at me, I noticed that I had messages on the phone. The Guy had called about 5:30 to say he enjoyed our lunch and time together very much, and also wanted to make sure I got home alright. He said he knew he might be calling a little early for me to be home, and he would call again later. Then he called again at 7:30, just a few minutes before I walked in. There was a touch concern in his voice as he said the was just checking on my safe arrival, then speculating that I'd stopped somewhere and said he'd call again later. Nice. I called him back, and we talked a few minutes. He apologized for being "pushy' and calling a second time. I assured him that I appreciate it. Then he felt bad that he hadn't stayed, and I told him that I appreciated his thought, but he shouldn't give it another thought; I'm fiercely independent and used to taking care of things for myself. He asked if he could call me frequently to continue getting to know each other. Well, of course.

I'm going to have to sort out the good photos from the others, and I'll pick a few to post later. Stay tuned!

**There are three San Antonios in New Mexico. I guess the Spanish and Mexican settlers really liked St. Anthony. What was he the patron saint of, does anyone know? There are a couple San Miguels, a San Jon and a San Juan. Those last two are the same, aren't they?


  1. St Anthony patron saint of lost things. My m-i-l used to go around saying Dear St Anthony please come find something cant be found. I still say it lol Great lunch, great day, great friend back in your life....awesome!!!!!

  2. By the time I read the part where The Guy called you again at 7:30, there were tears in my eyes. I pride myself in being independent, like you, but to be honest, I miss the long ago days when I had A Guy, or even before that, my mother, to check on me to make sure I was OK. I'm still crying. Now it's turning into a sob fest.

    I am happy for you that The Guy is behaving with much integrity, even if it is simply friendship.


  3. My father is a collector of Indian relics (beadwork, arrowheads, pottery shards, etc.) though mostly from Native Americans who inhabited this area around Michigan. He also has a bookcase full of texts written on Indian culture. I've picked up a couple arrowheads myself but never got into it like he did. He was even an amateur archeologist at one point.

  4. I am so glad to hear you gave the guy another chance and he explained himself. Sounds like a fun day.

  5. Yeah!! I'm happy for the 'new found' friendship. Second chances are often well worth it. Cowboy had a third chance even and boy am I ever glad I gave him that chance. It sounds like an awesome day. I'm pretty independent but it is so nice to have someone to check up on you. Good luck with the continued development of the friendship.

  6. Wow, what a great adventure for you! Pretty exciting about the new guy in your life, I'm testing the waters on that front myself, but I'm so shy it's really hard for me.

    I've been to San Antonio a few times, had no idea there were 3 of them.

  7. Anon, I kinda thought it was that, but I was too lazy to look it up! :D I am glad, too, for the day and the friend.

    Betty, aww, I'm sorry I made you cry, but I hope they were happy tears. Maybe, dear, you just needed a good cry. I'm glad I gave his another chance. I felt that it was something of an anomaly from everything I'd heard about him. I think it was.

    Dave, I'm not much of a collector, but I certainly appreciate many things Native American. One of my goals is to go to Chaco Canyon in NW NM. I grew up near there, but only went once, before ruins were excavated. I hear the spiritual energy is very high there, and I want to experience that.

    Daisy, me, too. He is a nice person, and I thought I needed to find out more. And yes, it was a very fun day!

    MJ, I've always believed that people deserve it, unless there was obvious malice involved. You'll understand from our professional training that everyone is capable of change; we just have to give them a chance.

    Kathi, yes! I'm not sure where this is going. I don't really feel a romantic spark, but I like him very well as a friend. I've said before that some of my best relationships began as friendships. We'll see.

    You've been to the same San Antonio? The one near Socorro? Wow!! There is one near Albuquerque, and another, but I forget where.

  8. I am so happy that things are working out with your new friend. And I wanted to call you yesterday to apologize for not being a good friend on Friday night and just talking about me me me. But I do appreciate you talking with me and helping me calm down. I have no idea what I would do witnout my wonderful friends. Thank you.

  9. Caroline, you know, don't you, that it isn't a problem? It's OK for all of us to have "me moments." I'm happy to have you as a friend and to be one for you, too. :)

  10. I think it's great that you reached out to him and being a procrastinator with the best of intentions... I do sympathize with him as well!

    St Anthony is the patron saint of the lost. I SWEAR every time I have lost something that I "really" want back I utter the prayer "St Anthony, St Anthony please look around. Something is lost that must be found" and it has turned up. Every.Single.Time. I don't abuse it though just for things that are really important to me. My MIL thought I was crazy until Madison lost an expensive pearl/gold earring, she stated there was no way on earth we could know when or where Maddie lost it (could have been in the house could have been outside). I said my prayer and within five minutes there lay the earring on her CREAM carpet. My MIL insisted she had went over that spot on her knees.
    I believe........!

  11. Patti, I suspect most of us have done something "procrastinating in nature." Yeah, we all need to kick back a little and not feel or deliver pressure. Life is too short to walk around with your undies in a wad.

    Hmmm. OK, do you think the settlers named the places after St. Anthony because he helped them find their lost dream or something? Interesting.

  12. Yeah, we New Mexicans like us some Saint Anthony. He's my favorite of the saints... my daughter Toni is named after him, in fact. AND he's even a character in my novel.... cuz there's lots of lost things needing to be found! :)

  13. Cathy, I had to laugh at myself for not knowing about all those San Antonios! And yes, lots of lost things in this ol' world!


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