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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Elusive Max

I just spent about an hour brushing The Kids. I have neglected them a bit lately, so I had some work cut out for me. I get so tickled at them when it is brushing time. Sam and Jazi vie to be first. They both just love being brushed and are even pretty good about the times when I have to pick out a tangle. Joey doesn't clamor to get brushed, but he doesn't shy away, either. Consequently that is the usual order of the attacks of the big bad brush and the big bad mom.

Max? Max is always last! He tries so hard to avoid me! He usually see me start, and he goes outside on the deck and stays there, hoping I will forget him, I suspect. Except for one thing .... he checks me out from time to time.

These two pictures are really bad, because he was moving .... "Here's the plan, quickly stick in the head, scope the situation and retreat fast!!!"

In this one, he sat in the door for several seconds, half in half out, ready to a quick getaway! But his body kept almost quivering, making little backward movements. After this shot, when he saw that I was not brushing anyone, but just sitting with the camera, he crept in and sat just inside the door. Then he took a step and then two. Pretty soon, he was at my feet, leaning his little head on my leg and looking up at me as if pleading. I loved him for a few minutes, but then yes, he got brushed!

I've discovered that Max's Lhasa Apso fur is different than the Shih Tzu fur. He does shed a little bit, where the ST do not. He doesn't shed badly, I just find an occasional hair, but it is always his, not from the others. It has a different texture, so it is easy to identify. His fur tangles much more easily than the ST, unfortunately for him. It makes brushing him much more difficult and painful at times, no matter how careful I try to be. Poor little guy. I really need to brush him every day to keep him from tangling. Bad momma.


  1. Poor Max wasnt going to be left out...noway even if he had to be the last one, those other "KIDS" weren't getting attention with out him lol.


  2. Ruth, you're right, and I think it is reinforced by the little treat they get after we are done! Great reinforcement!

  3. Caroline, I know those pictures were bad, but could you see how big his eye were? I was cracking up at him!!


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