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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, my friends, it is here. The last day of 2008. Are you glad it's over, looking forward to a fresh start? Or are looking back wistfully, hating to see the year pass into memory? I'm haveing very mixed feelings about it.

This first cartoon really speaks my thoughts!! Just quit the "reviews," PLEASE!!!

And I'm kind feeling this way, too.

I'm almost afraid to put this one up here, given this past few days of, ahem, discussion about being politically correct!!! But since when have I done the wise thing???? LOL!

But all-in-all, I think we can (and certainly need to!!) laugh about it, so here we go .....

And as soon as I figure out who that someone is, I'll post it here!!!!


  1. Ok, on a serious note....

    I hope you hope you have a wonderful 2009. I hope that in 2009 I will get back to see you and visit for a while. Well, I don't just hope, I am going to make sure that I get out to see you and hopefully bring S with me. Who knows....we may come for a visit and like it so much that we end up staying. :)

    Have a safe and fun night and I'll see you next year.

  2. I am going to spend new years eve at home sick sleeping on the couch yaay me.Got antibiotics from the dr so maybe will start feeling better. I didnt make any new years resolutions but have assigned them to the kids. They will treat each other with kindness and respect or they will be grounded for the 2009 year. Happy New Year

  3. liked the Santa Cl;aus one the best :)

    Happy New Year 2009 to you, Lylilu !

  4. Just stopping by to wish you and your family, including canines, a happy 2009.

    That Happy New Year at the end of your blog here looked like some of those security phrases you have to type to enter or post on certain sites. I'm so glad you haven't enabled that security option yet. I know I'm holding out against doing that.

    I read that message on top. Very true how our pre-conceived notions turn out to be off-base. Truth is so relative.

  5. Happy New Year to you Lyn. It will be a quiet one for us in front of the TV watching Canada and USA compete in the World Junior Hockey Championship taking place here in Ottawa and televised nationwide. There is always great competition between our countries no matter what the sport. (However Canada is Hockey Country lol) Will have a bottle of bubbly on hand to toast the winner or loser of the game. All the best to you Lyn in 2009.

    BTW 6 years ago today I received my final chemo, and proved them all wrong with the outlook.

    Glad I'm still around to say that lol


  6. Caroline, you're funny!! I hope you get out here, too. I miss you! Tell S to watch for job postings with her company in NM!

    Red, I'm sorry to hear you're sick. Get lots of rest, and have an antibiotic "cocktail" to ring in the new year!

    Hey, Annie! I though that was cute, too. :)

    Dave, I didn't think about that banner looking like a security block! Funny! Yeah, I avoid that, too. I understand why people use it, but I don't want to unless i just simply have to. I did at first, but after dropping it, I have had only 3-4 breaches.

    That message is a good one, isn't it?

  7. Well, Ruth, how did I skip right over you? I just want to say I'm very glad you're still here to say that, too!! :D


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