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Thursday, January 01, 2009

I Am One Hot Gossip Item. I guess.

I must be famous. Or something.

I've been gone from Kansas City for over two years now, and I'm STILL part of the rumor mill! Not only that, but every time I hear something about myself, it is bigger than the time before.

On New Year's Eve I talked with a coworker from about 15 years ago, and she heard that after my husband died:
  1. I ran into an old boyfriend from high school, and
  2. we hooked up, and
  3. we are traveling the world together
  4. I moved to Colorado
Last time I heard about it:
  1. I ran into an old boyfriend from high school, and
  2. he is my traveling companion
  3. no one knew for sure where I'd disappeared to.

Before that:
  1. No one really knew where I'd gone

What a hoot!! The place I worked was a major rumor mill. Gossip grew and was spread around like bacteria on a public toilet seat. There are just a handful of the old crew there, and I didn't think I was interesting enough to generate this kind of attention! Well, except for having an affair with my boss (several times in 14 years)! I can't wait to see what comes out in another 6 months to a year!! I'll let you know!

I actually have traced part of this back to two former coworkers who have talked with other former coworkers with whom I have had contact. I'm dying to call them and find out where this started, but I haven't yet. If I do, it will clear the history, and I almost hate to stop the spin!! It's kinda fun! Still I'm dying to know what is the origin of all this! What do you think? Do I check out the rumors, or just wait for the next chapter?


  1. Lynilu,
    I'd wait to hear more about your fabulous travels with this guy, and whether he's got serious money/is on the FBI's most wanted list/asked you to marry him and then you found out he's still married, etc. :)

  2. LOL, Annie, I can't wait, either!! My life just got SO EXCITING!!!

  3. Lynilu-- I might actually call and add to the rumors, stir it up a little and make it spicy...why the hell not??

  4. LOL, MJ, shall I send you some pertinent phone numbers???

  5. LOL!!! You are truly a legend!

    Oh and you don't need to give MJ any of those numbers...Since I know where you worked I can just give her the numbers. :)

  6. This is hilarious! Isn't it funny that when you leave a place, if you are the type of person who doesn't blend into the wallpaper, people will talk about you? The rumors I heard about me at my HS reunion were priceless!

  7. Caroline, can you believe that??? OK, you fill MJ in, and drop a few more funny tidbits around town while you're at it!

    Melissa, yes, it is amazing! HS reunions are a hoot! I learn some thing new about myself at every one I go to! My 50th is just 3 years away, and I can't wait to hear the new stuff there, too!

  8. It's like that game telephone! Heh, well your life must be more interesting than theirs or they wouldn't find your 'exploits' so fascinating, right?

  9. Sandra, I can't tell you how fascinating I am!! LOL!! You're right, idle minds create the most amazing gossip!


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