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Monday, December 15, 2008

I believe the terrible wind is over. It is a little breezy, but nothing to write home about. (So .... why am I writing about it here? LOL! That is what we do, we silly people.)

As you may have noticed from my brief post from yesterday, the wind apparently blew something down/apart/up and it effected my DSL. I still had phone, but except for a few flashes through the day, I couldn't be online, and then I didn't have time to write and post before it would be gone again. I finally wrote that little one liner, and found one of those windows to post it. I really hate being without internet service.

It looks like a great amount of us are getting some sort of yucky weather and will for several days to come. I hope for those of you who plan to travel for Christmas are able to do so. But you might want to have an alternative plan! Jus' sayin'!

I was having trouble getting into deep sleep last night. I dozed off and on for an hour, and it was still not midnight. I've been doing that a lot lately. When I finally get to sleep, I don't sleep long enough to make up for it. I've been waking around 6:00 or 7:00, meaning I'm only sleeping solidly for 5 hours or so. I decided to take a little sleep aid, because I was really tired and the sleep-wake-sleep-wake was making it worse. I slept until after 8:00 AM! I feel rested, but not exactly bouncy this morning! Guess I really needed that sleep.

I'm gonna keep this post short. I have a busy day. But you know me .... I will probably be back before the day is out. I've already done another post that will publish later, but you know the dogs will do something. Or I will. I'm preparing dishes for a potluck tonight; that could well lead to humor worth sharing!!

Later, gators!!

Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. We're about to have some really warm weather... not feeling very Christmas-y but my surfin' santa loves it!

  2. Queenie, I've spent Christmases in snow and in sunny warm FL. I don't think it really matters. What matters is having people you love with you. :)

    Oh, P.S. - I'd say spending it with this kind of wind would be icky, but I'd be fine with about anything else!


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